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    Obviously Datsuns, but also Nissins
  1. A_Racing_Driver

    300ZX Auto whining noises

    So I recently got a 1984 300ZX Turbo but its auto and Im having some trouble, theres a whining noise when its cold i suspect from the transmission or diff not sure which yet it doesnt make it when in park and it doesnt increase with speed but it gets louder with higher rpm what do you think it is? My guess is something with transmission.
  2. A_Racing_Driver

    So uh my 521 steering column broke in half...

    I personally didn't do anything to it but someone else has cut it open to either shorten it or fix it or something, I haven't cut into it yet but it works sort of to the right then when it turns left it spins freely for about 3 quarters of a turn then i can feel it sort of catch but its doesn't feel right.
  3. A_Racing_Driver

    So uh my 521 steering column broke in half...

    I was lucky that it broke while I was backing into my driveway and not when i was driving or i would be in trouble but now i need to fix it, apparently theres a 620 at the auto wrecker will the steering column be able to rep[lace the one i havein my 69 521?
  4. A_Racing_Driver

    521 and 510 similarities?

    I suspected as much I didnt really think they were the same lol
  5. A_Racing_Driver

    521 and 510 similarities?

    Soooo ive heard someone say that a 520/521 and 510 are basically the same and that the 510 is more or less based on a 520 or something like that, that just seems like its not true to me but im no expert here maybe one of our more educated datsun people could weigh in here
  6. A_Racing_Driver

    How to calibrate speedo errors on your 720

    I dont even use the speedometer in my truck just use a gps because it bounces all over the place until you reach a certain speed lol
  7. A_Racing_Driver

    Datsun 521 wooden steering wheel

    Does anyone have a picture of a 521 with a wooden steering wheel I think it would look classy and google has none of the good pictures of one lets see what you got
  8. A_Racing_Driver

    Numbers matching

    How rare is is to find a numbersatching engine and chassis Datsun 521
  9. A_Racing_Driver

    Datsun 521 shift knob thread

    Well this is awkward :poop:
  10. A_Racing_Driver

    Datsun 521 shift knob thread

    I was looking around for the thread pitch and dimensions for my shifter on my truck I heard it was a 10x1.5 is that right 1969 521 j13 stock 4spd.
  11. A_Racing_Driver

    Just got me Datsun 521 here

    The mirror is on the door
  12. A_Racing_Driver

    oil Change on my 521

    So Its probably not a bad idea to do an oil change on my 521 lol, but what filter will work and oil? I feel like the books in the store don't go back to 1970 so what works? Also what oil should I use I live in Canada so the weather goes from pretty cold to hot. thanks
  13. A_Racing_Driver

    Just got me Datsun 521 here

    I am starting to doubt the year, it is a j13 says right on the firewall what are some of the differences?
  14. A_Racing_Driver

    Just got me Datsun 521 here

    Theres nothing in my garage so I get to pull it in and really start getting into it :)
  15. A_Racing_Driver

    Just got me Datsun 521 here

    Note to self keep hood chrome

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