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  1. I recently carried out a compression test on my 240z engine and the result was perfect. Nevertheless, last sunday i left the car idling with the Hood open for 10 to 12 minutes and the engine started to idle roughly. I then decided to drive the car and the engine started missing at 2nd and 3rd gear. Surprise, when i got home i pulled spark plug 3 and 4 and both were black fouled. The other ones looks okay. If i already changed the spark plug wires, cap and rotor and the compression is good what could be causing this? Should i use some nose pliers to tighten the terminals?
  2. Problem solved. It was the Pertronix Ignitor Module. I had one spare lying around, replaced it and it no longer seems to affect the tach needle. Is this common with Pertronix ignitor?
  3. The weird thing is that the tach needle only flutters at idle when the car has been warmed and driven. At initial warm up it remains quite steady. Any other remedy?
  4. I recently installed a 1761 Pertronix module and 1.5 coil with ballast resistor in my 1972 240z. I also decided to change the 4 year old battery with a Brand new 500 amp battery. After all of these changes i am now noticing that the tach needle is fluttering when the car is sitting on idle. Is this normal? If not, how can it be solved?
  5. Twin SU Carb. Float level was already set to .55 inches. Pertronix Ignitor module with pertronix flamethrower coil. I am even getting intake backfire with the both idle mixture knobs set to 3.70 turns clockwise. No vacuum leaks.
  6. My 240z is sputtering, coughing and misfiring during the first 15 minutes since cranked. Is this normal? I have to run it with the choke lever pulled until the temp reaches to half of the temp gauge. After that it runs rough. I have cleaned all the plugs to see if it solves the problem. Airtex 8012sx electric fuel pump is just pushing 3.2 psi. Coud this be the cause of the symptoms addressed?
  7. 9/16 drill bit with or without pressing the needle valve pin that shuts the fuel?
  8. Does the float tang on the 3 screws su carbs touches or presses the needle valve pin? I am still confused how to obtain the precise .55 inch gap on both floats. Nobody seems to clear this out! Ztherapy Just SU DVD dealt with Grose jets and not needle and valve!
  9. After watching the just su dvd produced by ztherapy i was wondering where can i get a ruler to neasure the 9/16 or .55 mm gap needed for the floats. How would you get a precise measurement?
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