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  1. How many bolt crank is on a L18 and L20b?
  2. Thank you for the advice fellows, much appreciate!
  3. Hi Guys, There is a fresh built lz23 motor with a 219 sss heads for $2000 around my area. Is this a good price? Will it bolt up to my stock 620 and mate with my stock 4 speed tranny? https://modesto.craigslist.org/pts/d/datsun-510/6986233698.html Thanks
  4. Hi Hainz, how long did the oil burner lasted? with a quart every 2 or 3 days? Asking for a friend! haha
  5. Hi Mike, It appears that I have extreme blow by. The sheet of paper over the value cover hole is flapping like crazy! What does this mean? Can I fix it or do I need a new engine? Thanks
  6. Seem to be the correct dipstick. It came with the truck when i bought it a few years ago. My oil pressure gauge light would come on when I am low on oil. Piston/rings was good when I checked before I installed the cylinder heads. How do I check for bad valve guide seals? and bad blow-by? I will pull the spark plugs tomorrow to see if they are oily. Thanks
  7. A bad fuel pump leaking fuel into the oil, would not cause a loss of oil, would it? Thanks
  8. The oil does smell like fuel. Upon further inspection, there is a fair amount of white smoke coming out the tail pipe during acceleration. The cardboard is clean, no oil leak from the engine. I will check the tail pipe for excessive oil. Thanks guys!
  9. Losing a quart every 100 miles or so. I will get a cardboard and slide it under the engine for the weekend. Thanks
  10. Hi Guys, Once again Im in need of help. My 620 has been burning a lot of oil lately, I did some research on this forum, but havent came up with a solution. Here is what know so far. The cylinder is not leaking, there isnt any white or blue smoke coming out the tail pipe, the vent from the crankshaft to the pvc value is connected, the hose from the value cover to the air filter is clean and opened. Is there anything else I should check? I am not a mechanic, but I have manage to get my little truck running from the help of members of this website. So any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Sanyantho
  11. sanyantho

    74 620 Idle Issue

    Update: I removed the primary and secondary idle jets and found that the primary was clogged with some debris. Also both of the rubber o rings was old and cracked. I am going to order some new o rings and clean the idle jets and passage. Thanks everybody for your help. I really appreciated it!
  12. sanyantho

    74 620 Idle Issue

    So I tighten the adapter bolts and the flange studs because they have loosen due to vibration. And I reset the choke, but she's still stalling on idle. My old fuel filter was clear and full of rust, so I bought another one a while back. The new fuel filter is white, so I can not tell if it's full of rust. She seems to be starving for fuel during idle. So I will check to see if the idle jets are clogged. Will report back. Thanks Everybody for your help.
  13. sanyantho

    74 620 Idle Issue

    Hi Mike, that vacuum line is capped. The only other line I see is from the intake to the brake mater cylinder. The screw for my choke ring somehow fell off, so I bought new screws and tighten them. I can see that my choke is not working properly. Can that be the cause? I have to reset the choke. Thank you in advance for your help!
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