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  1. KNZR

    Z20 block ka head build

    So if I am using all of the z20 timing components where should all the marks be located
  2. KNZR

    Z20 block ka head build

    I have heard about the oil drain not sure which one it is yet but I have new Pistons that are .050 over and the block is a z20s and I'm not sure if there is a difference in the e to the s Pistons
  3. Need help been trying to build z20ka24e hybrid but have many questions first starting with timing since the z20 is napz would you just eliminate 4 spark plugs and run a coil pack. Also how much should the z20 block be bored to ensure clearance of the ka valves. Any information helps
  4. i have a z20 s bored .50 over and want to know the specs but have no idea on how to figure that out. any help would be great
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