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  1. I'll give it a shot, I ordered a new mc just to be safe as well
  2. Brakes overheated today so I'm thinking I need a new mc, fronts are locked up and got a pretty good amount of smoke and boy does that stuff smell like shit. Pretty sure I have my brake pedal adjusted proper which is like 1/16-1/8 before feeling pressure and my soft lines weren't crushed so....if anyone has any experience feel free to share it
  3. That truck is badass, and super clean. Didn't he start a write up on here?
  4. Well just to put it out there Im a firewall cutter, it's not the prettiest but it's functional and safe. I caught a lot of shit on here for it but I say if it's your truck, build the thing how you want
  5. Nice truck, I saw it on fb the other day. Excited to see how this turns out. And just curious are you dead set on cutting the firewall? Datstang on here put his radiator in the bed. everyone has reasons for doing things the way they do though.
  6. Looks awesome, I have the same helmet and works great for the price
  7. She's pumpin out 14 amps! And scored these too
  8. Haha that's what I always say, haven't had time to test it as my battery is dead and it was pouring rain yesterday so hopefully today I'll be able to see
  9. Found a 60 something amp alternator on Cl for ten bucks and the guy just gave me a chrome 100 amp alt for free! He broke the post off and didn't care enough to fix it and just bought another one. So I gutted my burnt out one and now have a tits chromie plus a backup for 10 bucks and a hour of my time
  10. You got stamina man, this is one awesome build
  11. Using this as the top part to a radiator shroud Im making. And lucky me today the alternator craps out when I went for a spin so I'll be getting a new one soon
  12. My buddy made this for me... He is the cnc machinist at our shop and will be moving to Georgia in a few months so I'm taking his spot, meaning I'll be able to make some trick shit on the mill!
  13. Been driving it around the neighborhood a little lately haven't fully got my feet wet with a drive longer than 30 minutes but I'm definetly loving this thing. The truck had an e fan that seemed to turn well but never kept the temps down so today I slapped on a plastic one. Shroud will be next. Temps never got over 180 except when I parked it, it went up 10 degrees then started to decline.
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