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  1. I've got a picture of the truck and the shape is the bottom one.
  2. did you mean 520 rather than 529?
  3. Thanks for taking the time for this. Tough finding one for the 520
  4. Is a fuel door off a 1971 521 the same as a 1968 520?
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    2. cnpbaker


      I see that the lowering blocks can come with a 2 degree taper. I imagine this would be the better choice to maintain the proper driveshaft angel. I'm probably just going to do a 1 to 2 inch max.

    3. cnpbaker
    4. cnpbaker


      what is the length of a 520 bumper to bumper? I found 109"

  5. Where do I order a set of 2 inch lowering blocks for my 1968 Datsun 520.


  6. cnpbaker

    Fuel door

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    I’m looking for a fuel filler door for my ‘68 520


    Canada - CA

  7. Ya...too complicated...I have a photobucket account and still too much bs to simply post a pic..
  8. I bought a 1970 that was supposed to have little issues. Well $6000 later in mechanical repairs including the head rebuild by a pro...I didn't want to mess around with some important stuff. Then the body work, paint and hundreds of hours on mine. Now it is a turn key daily driver that rips real well for an L16. I've had many 240z's, one with a 3 liter stroker so yes, this little L16 rips good. It would not match an L24 or maybe even a Civic but I didn't buy it for speed. The style is so neat, so I'm looking for another. So if you are looking for a 4 door 510 that is sweet to look at, great to drive and 100% done, reliable, send me a note. cnpbaker@yahoo.ca
  9. how the heck do u attached a pic
  10. For a 4 dr, 510, 1970 model, who sells fender repair panels? I'm looking for the lower rear
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