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  1. agbarry

    521 gearbox

    Yep just had a proper look now I understand the freeze plug idea. Again so it’s no problem not bolting the coupling to the spline as the original set up. Now for another question how do u get photos up as they may help with my future questions and maybe u guys may be a little more interested in my progress than folks at home
  2. agbarry

    521 gearbox

    So u saying that coupling doesn’t need to be fixed to the spline it can just slide freely with the end plugged as u described. Isnt the oil seal sufficient enough why the freeze plug
  3. agbarry

    521 gearbox

    The donor box doesn’t have the thread on the end of the spline to take that coupling that I need coz it’s a LWB 2 price shaft hence changing the shaft from the original box. If u guys are confused now wait till I ask my next poorly worded 20 questions
  4. agbarry

    521 gearbox

    It seems to have a lock nut and a thread at base of shaft so I’m guessing it can be removed, it’s only a guess tho
  5. agbarry

    521 gearbox

    Sorry guys probably didn’t explain myself correctly and used wrong terminology. Anyhoo have removed yolk from rear of box but want to swap (rear)splined shaft. I’ll try and work out how to get photos up. Yes it’s a J motor
  6. agbarry

    521 gearbox

    Hi folks first time post 2 years into ground up rebuild. found my LWB 521 under a tree it stopped under 15 years ago, anyway got heaps of questions but today’s is how to remove output shaft out of gearbox, need to put it into box from a 520 and use that as the 521 box is toast
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