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    69 b2000 fairlady
  1. im2122

    1969 B2000 Fairlady

    SRL311-10256 haha, tires are already coming off. I have a set of 175/65-14s off my civic that will work until I change out the wheels. The car was maintained very well. It used to be owned by a family friend. There are lots of receipts, as well as a detailed log of maintenance. I just got done draining all the old fuel. it was roughly 15 years old. Does anyone have a good way to clean all the old fuel out?
  2. im2122

    1969 B2000 Fairlady

    Hello. How do I verify this car is the Fairlady? I just picked this up for a steal. Regardless of the Fairlady authenticity, I believe I still got a heck of a deal

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