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  1. Many thanks jbirds510, you did a fantastic job putting this together----solo. I was there today, Sunday. (I missed Saturday) There were 60-70 cars, trucks, wagons, one-off's -----all well represented. Several parts vendors, numerous individuals selling parts. There was sun, shade, level lawn, plenty of room, restrooms and nice guy at the gate. For those in doubt, easily as good as Camby. Well done.
  2. Sounds like you have checked this, but it is familiar. Since you changed to ATF might be worth another look to be sure the level is correct.
  3. Great work Dave all those new parts and the work to make it happen are appreciated. To go back to the initial quest, several comments looking for 1/4 panels. I've recent as this year bought panels from http://alfaparts.net/dat510.html I've read the comments here and looked at the spankings here, but I found out different. They arrived in less than a week, installed by a good shop (who BTW does work for www.Spriso.com) . no whining, no "fitment" problems, plug-n'-play. Guys, $75 for the 2-door quarter, today-in the mail. Add these to Dave's fronts and rears and we have alot more sweet cars on-the-road. Worth the look.
  4. Thank you, sorry but I'm actually still trying to get his info. It was listed for like the last 2 years, maybe he sold it? If you see it pop up give me a shout! thanks again.
  5. Anyone have contact info for the owner of the 68' 1600 from Astoria OR? It has been listed awhile for sale on Craiglist and Camby. Black, original paint. thanks dave
  6. All, I know it might be against our theme, but if your rust is beyond looking cool, and you are looking for sweet repair panels I just discovered these guys go to: www.alfaparts.net they are Wolf Steel in Ontario, Canada. 20 gage steel, quarters, and more, very quick, and reasonable. Talk to Robin.
  7. A,, I've found a shop in Oregon that will tool-up to produce new 510 2-door, front door and rear interior panel skins. They want to know how many potential buyers, then they'll negotiate a price. if we can negoyiate a good price they'll take the orders direct. Let me know, dave
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