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  1. Loryde520

    Datsun desert recovery

    WOW!!! Cool story!!
  2. Loryde520

    What's the 2 sensors on my M/Trans?

    Yup,....one is back up light switch.
  3. Loryde520

    Engine compartment light

    we don't have much sunlight way up north here........
  4. Loryde520

    Engine compartment light

    Yes, mine is switched on when the hood is opened, but only when the park or headlights are on.
  5. Loryde520

    Engine compartment light

    Not sure which car/truck you have but my '68 520 hoodlight only comes on when park or headlights are on.
  6. Loryde520

    So what's YOUR take on it?

    Yup, just like every other car that hits the spotlight via these "fantasy" shows. How many people can truly do a frame off in 2 weeks??? I would maybe watch the show for the love of my Datsun, but I think this show will fuck this little world of Datsuns we live in. As soon as BJ gets ahold of these little cars and trucks, watch out!!! No one will ever buy my 520 for any amount of doe!!
  7. Loryde520

    Weber running too lean, can’t adjust enough?

    Sounds like a vacuum leak to me, or a plugged idle jet. This is true on dirt bikes I work on. When you have to run with the choke on, it usually is a plugged idle circuit. Definitely running lean if plugs are white. It will be running hot too in a lean situation. Also check for vacuum leaks. Take the carb apart if you haven't already and have a look see inside. They are very easy carbs to work on and there is lots of info on the 'net.
  8. Loryde520

    Need Advice on Buying a Hardbody Truck

    Ive got a '93 Hardbody KC VG 30 for sale, but I'm on the wrong coast.
  9. Loryde520

    New member looking

    I know this car you are talking about, or should I say, I seen this car on Craigslist. It's the green 2 door for sale in Alberta with Saskatchewan plates correct? If it is, I did the quick math and he is asking a little too much considering the work that needs to be done. I personally would be looking south of the border for a cleaner more complete driver for around the same money. I do live only 15 mins. from the Washington state border, so this may be an easier option for me. I have in the past seen some 510's for sale in Alberta that were actually pretty decent cars for not a ton of money. It does always does seem to be when you are looking, nothing is available. Take your time and look everyday on CL Kijiji, or whatever you use. Something will always show up. Good luck on your 510 adventure and welcome to Ratsun!
  10. Loryde520

    Pulling my L320 from mothballs

    Very clean little truck for sure!! Any engine plans?
  11. Loryde520

    Bump stop options?

    Yup, I am running very nice car tires on steel wheels.
  12. Loryde520

    Bump stop options?

    My dentist likes me! I've gotta get new fillings every few weeks. I'm on a static lower and I am seriously contemplating air-ride. The back rides fine on 3" lowering blocks snubbers removed. Front was re-indexed on one spline drop, no snubbers. The problem is you really need shorter front gas shocks. I am running a little bit shorter old stock KYB. I also had to camber in my front end for tire to fender clearence.
  13. Loryde520

    L series swap

    You are correct on the motor mounts Mike. I've got an L20B in mine and the only real problem is you can't run a mechanical fan unless you cut the rad support. I did'nt want mine cut, so I went with an electric push fan connected to a thermostatic switch. The heater lines will be tight between the head and firewall. I will be installing a dogleg 5spd from a 200 sx soon, so I will let you know of any mods. I currently have a 510 4spd with a custom made 1 piece drveshaft. Alternator will have to go onto the left lower side of motor too. I'm not sure what oil pan I have, it came with the truck. The cross member has to be modified a bit too.
  14. Loryde520

    CANBY 2017 IT WILL BEE fun 'n stuff

    No alcohol??? It ain't camping then!!!

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