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  1. Hello guys, Has anyone installed an air conditioner in a 1200? Need some ideas in which console has been use!! Thanks!
  2. Thanks, got to keep the garage clean winter is just around the corner and the wife car, you know got to be inside or else parts will be flying around
  3. Front brakes are the hurdle, I follow the advice of a friend and bought a set of Wilwood brake kit and found out they don't fit. Now have to tinker around to see what I can come up with. Originally was going to use the Aerospace kit but I personally had multiple rotors warp. While they are great on the Drag strip they don't take the regular driving heat exchange to well. Thanks for looking, any suggestion or advice are welcome
  4. Hello guys, finally decide to start my Rotary The beginning of the car a complete factory 1200, I started by removing the factory A12 to make room for the Mazda 13B Turbo. It will be injected using a Microtech LT10x4, a complete ProJay intake set up with 8 1600 injectors. Front suspension will come from the guys at MadDat and their 13B kit, also using their adjustable Lowe control arm. Struts will be modify and use the T3 coilover system and their camber plate. The front brake has become an issue, this is my hurdle as of tod
  5. Thanks guys, I decide to buy the Aereopace brake set up specially made for the 1200
  6. Guess I'm not building as everybody else.., doing a drag race set up
  7. Hello guys, I'm doing and engine swap, and need some advice on front brakes. Not looking to use the 1200 hub at all, but keep the factory struts that will be convert to adjustable coilover with the T3 kit installing a 15x4 ford 5 lugs 4-5 bolt pattern front wheel I have read around but mostly swap are people wanting to keep the 13" wheels. what are my choices for bigger brakes using 5 lugs thanks in advance!
  8. Yes, looking for a Sedan tail lights, he can email me at Jose.malave@us.army.mil and let me know price Definitely need the dash assembly
  9. Need a complete dash assembly and the side markers, also the tai lights are for a Sedan or Hatchback?
  10. Guys; let me give you the overall picture of what I want to accomplish. currently I'm in the process on swapping a 13B engine into the Datsun. don't want to spend the crazy money on buying all the custom parts from T3. I need some help, assistance on getting my factory struts convert to coilover. any advise?
  11. whenever you are ready to sell some item, please let me know as Im interest on couple of stuff
  12. you could also use the one from the 210
  13. i have some parts being ship to my house.... my family still in Puerto Rico
  14. have some delivered to me
  15. morrisum, expect to receive a paypal from me tomorrow
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