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    Hi friends, I am searching for the bolts used to hold the metal bracket that the transmission rubber mount sits on. I am referring to the bracket that bolts directly to the rear cross member where the tail of the transmission rests on. I cant find a single bolt in my garage that would fit and I don't know the exact specs of the bolts to go buy new ones. I will pay to have them shipped over or if you could provide a link/measurements of the bolt I will go out and purchase. Thanks for the help, DatEz


  2. DatEz

    521 KYB gas-a-just shocks?

    Nice, just bought all four on Rockauto. They were only $30 a piece and if you buy all four there is a mail-in rebate for $40! New shocks all around for $80 is a steal!
  3. DatEz

    521 KYB gas-a-just shocks?

    So KYB Gas-A-Just shocks are probably the best aftermarket replacement for shocks? I am in the market right now to replace my rear shocks since they are blown.
  4. DatEz

    521 rear axle shims

    Well I bought the kit off a guy who already installed it but never used it because he decided to convert to 5 lug. But I also didn’t have my differential in because I was waiting for my gasket that arrived today. Now to install the new diff gasket, do I NEED to have a dealer of some sort applied? If so, would clear rtv work?
  5. DatEz

    521 rear axle shims

    Ok, I left them all on the way they were when I took the axles off. But now I have fully installed the disc brake conversion and there is a ton of wobble/play. Was I supposed to leave some of the backing plate on to fill the gap? I had the entire plate cut off.
  6. DatEz

    521 rear axle shims

    Hey folks, I’m currently swapping the rear drums to disc brakes, but I noticed that when I pulled off my rear axles, one side had only three metal shims and the other side had about 6. Does anyone know what the correct amount on each side is and also where to buy new shims? I can’t find them online.
  7. DatEz

    Rims and tires for 521

    Will I have any poke coming out of the wheel wells? What's the max specs the 521 wheel wells can have to keep a flush fitment?
  8. DatEz

    Rims and tires for 521

    Is there an offset and wheel spec chart for fitting the 521 somewhere? I have a set of wheels 15x7 -15, and I'm also considering buying another set that is 15x7.5 -21, but I am not sure if I will be rubbing with the negative of an offset.
  9. DatEz

    H190 LSD Diff Oil Recommendations

    Oh good to know and a great idea! Thank you!
  10. What is a good brand and the proper grade diff oil I need to use for the H190 LSD differential?
  11. DatEz

    Swapping the H190 Input Flange for 521

    So Wayno, just wondering, did you ever try putting on the 521 input flange onto the LSD? what occurred to you to use a 620 flange?
  12. DatEz

    Swapping the H190 Input Flange for 521

    Ah! I see, sorry for the mix up. I kept referring back to your original comment with the details and I was digging myself deeper. I would like to order a spacer from you if you don't mind G-Duax. As for the installation of the spacer, why cant I install it into the LSD before I put the pumpkin on the rear end?
  13. DatEz

    Swapping the H190 Input Flange for 521

    G-Duax, I am confused. If I keep it at the 3.7ish gears, will still need to use the spacer? I plan to keep the 3.7 gears it comes with. I am trying to avoid taking apart the LSD.
  14. DatEz

    Swapping the H190 Input Flange for 521

    G-Daux, where exactly is the spacer you're talking about in the picture? Also, do I need that spacer if I want to keep the 3.7 gears? If so, how much do you charge for it?
  15. DatEz

    Swapping the H190 Input Flange for 521

    G-Duax, I am buying mine from AFRacer on here, he had an ad up about a month ago. I actually think he was reaching out to you about some questions I had for the LSD upgrade to my truck. I will be quite honest, I have never worked on a differential before, so I am not very familiar with everything you were saying up there. But if you don't mind, I have a question that I would like you to answer: Will the H190 LSD differential work well if I just bolt it into place and attach a custom driveshaft? He told me it has 3.7 gears in it which was good for the sr20 swap. He also mentioned that you said its out of an automatic Cedric 430. I don't trust myself to mess with the differential since its so expensive, I wouldn't want to mess it up. Should I just forget the idea of installing that LSD and just go welded diff on the stock 521 diff?

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