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  1. You are really tearing into this truck. I remember when I was at that stage of taking everything apart, it's a lot of fun but you will have more fun when you start putting it back together.
  2. Leche

    1975 620 in Tijuana

    Thanks buddy, I hope it helped! Glad you liked it and thanks! Washington! I barely got it over the U.S - Mexico border last week for the first time. I have been bringing it into work for the past week and it's been great. What do you want to trade for jajaja? LOL even my wife says the same thing. She still doesn't want to ride in it though, time to find a new wife. Wow thanks for the compliments on the truck bro. Sadly there is no one I would recommend 100%, the guy I know that can leave your car show quality does awesome work, he even does
  3. Leche

    1975 620 in Tijuana

    Gracias My fiend! :thumbup: It's almost there buddy, just need to finish the upholstery on the door panels and get a new exhaust but that should be about it. Thanks for the compliment B) I also just used masking tape but you need to use a good brand like 3M and make sure that it's for autobody use. I can't remember the number right now but just check with your auto body supplier and they should be able to get you the right tape.
  4. Leche

    1975 620 in Tijuana

    Jajaja gracias Scgreen620! I bought my seals from a vendor on ebay but I don't have his info with me right now. If you need I can get it for you but there are several sellers on there :)
  5. Leche

    1975 620 in Tijuana

    Finally got around to painting the bed of the truck, I bought the Rust-Oleum truck bed liner paint. It took a little over half gallon to do 3 coats and I'm pleased with the way it came out.
  6. Glad everything came off without a hitch, it can be really frustrating when bolts start breaking or head rounding off. Makes for a one hour job into a 4 hour job.
  7. Ooooh beautiful Sparco steering wheel, love it.
  8. Awesome man, you're going to have fun with this. Those wheels are bad ass bro.
  9. Wow nice suspension work, looks brand new bud. I think you will be done before 2025 though :thumbup:
  10. Very nice work on the car, looks like you are well ahead on your project. It will turn out great :thumbup:
  11. Congrats on getting your car running, it's a big milestone!
  12. Leche

    1975 620 in Tijuana

    Finally got some time yesterday during our Thanksgiving break to get to my door panels. It was nice to have the originals as patterns and it made making these a lot easier. Next will be taking them to the upholstery shop to finish them. I've also been driving it a bit more to work out all the kinks. In the next couple of weeks I'll be getting the alignment done although it feels pretty good right now. It's low for the roads here in Tijuana so I need to be super careful when driving it jajaja a :) This was in front of my buddies restaurant yesterday.
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