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  1. Texas Midget

    210 (B310) Cylinder Head

    Yes trying to get to the 82HP. I believe the donor '82 210 car has 65HP. So the '75 and '76 210 cars that are sitting in the salvage yard are rated to produce 82HP and will bolt on to an A15 engine? If that is the case, I can pull off the head along with the intake manifold on a free weekend. Any idea what models have the 1200 GX head? I might be on the lookout for one of those if its not to difficult to obtain. Dont plan to beef up the motor with boring out and oversize pistons, just would like to get a good breathing head with a little more kick while I have everything on the workbench. BTW, I did own a '78 Datsun extended cab pickup many many years ago and wish I still had it. Great little truck!
  2. Texas Midget

    210 (B310) Cylinder Head

    will do. thx. but will check back later to see if anyone has provided good information.
  3. Texas Midget

    210 (B310) Cylinder Head

    Ok, I'm learning alot already. Good to know that both 5 speed trannies work well with Midget. This being an '82 then has the regular shift pattern. Any cylinder head info would be good to know as well. I will be doing a complete rebuild and will be looking for the right head if that is the direction I need to go.
  4. Texas Midget

    210 (B310) Cylinder Head

    DatzenMike, Thanks for the response. Down in here in Fort Worth, TX and will be picking up the 210 shortly and use it as a donor car for my MG Midget. Yes I am one of those MG guys wanting to take advantage of japanese technology. I noticed other MG owners coming on to this forum and not being runoff and appreciate that. I have a long road ahead of me, but the british motor and tranny are worn out and would rather spend the money on a conversion and make the car road worthy at highway speeds. This 210 has the infamous 5-speed and look forward to getting my project underway. Someone else that has done a conversion advised that earlier 210 models have the higher compression head. My question is, are these heads interchangeable and are there any obstacles along the way? Which heads from what years are desireable? I may be able to get the stamp inside the cylinder head and pass that information on. Thanks again.
  5. Texas Midget

    210 (B310) Cylinder Head

    New to the Ratsun forum. I have a 1982 210 with A15 engine and looking for better performance. Are cylinder heads from earlier 210 models interchangeable with my engine? Someone recommended a cylinder head from the 70's since they have better compression. A local salvage yard has a '75 and '76 210 and planned to pull the head off of one and get it machined. Any responses would be appreciated.

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