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  1. Thanks for the information guys, i believe the best thing is to send both setups to les collins racing and let them rebuild them back to spec. @ Davie im going to check my heads today to see if they are main circuit or rally spec.
  2. thanks bud, damn these parts are hard to find.
  3. did you guys think i was talking crap?? hahaha
  4. Good morning guys, sorry for the post then i did not think to place it there. Yes it is the lz twincam head setups i have. i have one complete setup and i need the parts as mentioned to make the second head complete. im uploading some pics now.
  5. Hi guys, i need some spares for my lz head setups. i need a set of cams, a water pipe housing on the carbs side. any information on what valve replacements can be put in ? thanks guys
  6. Thanks for the response guys, I have two sets of lz type 2 heads. i know what i have and it is the real deal i have the following spares: 2 heads 2 sets of intake manifolds 2 complete gear sets 1 for l14z and l20z 4 exhaust manifolds going to build a 160u coupe sss rally replica and a b110 sunny excellent 1973 replica out of these two engines i need a few parts on the second setup. 1 cam, a few valves.. that is why i need some more specs.
  7. Good day guys, i wondered if there is someone here that can assist me in some technical specs and parts availibility on these lz type 2 heads. please any assisitance in this regard will be greatly appreciated. thanks
  8. Thanks man.. cant wait to fire her up B)
  9. very very very nice parts they have there, love the vto wheels. would be perfect for my BRE replica car. the parts are awesome just very expensive though
  10. i can help you source all the parts, the first post is actually both my cars haha..
  11. damn i am so amazed at what is sold in these pages as scrap cars or why the hell some of these cars end up in wrecking yards.. the cars we build in South africa sometimes dont even look half as good as cars being scrapped. Would love to go to america with a suitcase full of money and just buy up cars.
  12. Where would one be able to find these reproduction 510 panels, any links maybe?
  13. Haha in south africa we have a saying "n boer maak n plan"we use allot of old parts and datsun parts are suprisingly interchangable. For instance. I used the pickup and sump from the original l series.. Ill take allot of pictures.. She still needs a shit load of work.. Problem is juggling 4 projects at the same time..
  14. There is no documents to explain how to do it, i still have to do the modification on the distributor so ill document the complete build so that we have it on record. will that help you bud?
  15. carpeting done only half way.. decided to leave the rear bare paint Fiited some different wheels due to the 13 x 10j split compomotives were catching the rim
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