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  1. Do we need to make reservations to camp at the show? I need to have power for my CPAP machine
  2. I would like to camp at your place on Friday night
  3. I guess I will nee to get a t-shirt with my name on it, like you do
  4. Canby is a thing of the past, get over it, since you are not coming to he new venue, the show will go on
  5. You do know that the rubber part of the seal will become brittle if never getting a chance to get some fresh oil from running the engine, or "Heaven Forbid" actually driving it . J/K, you know we all love you
  6. Mine is doing fine, still looks like shit but I can drive it in any weather and anywhere I want to go Hood pins look great
  7. To be able to eat SR/KA's for breakfast, it would require you to actually drive it further than the from the driveway to the trailer
  8. They look good tanker, go for it
  9. He could have the hood flip up on the trailer going down the freeway
  10. Will we have a caravan from Tacoma? If so what time to meet and where? Got new tires so can't use the flat tire excuse
  11. So how do you really feel about after market headers?
  12. Had me a me a little worried for a second
  13. There must be some kind of mistake here, mrbigtanker is really going to use those old rusty parts???????????
  14. I learned the hard way Datsuns and trees or poles don't mix
  15. Don't open or close the tailgate, this is a truck, unless you are like Mr. Bigtanker and just want a look at me truck don't worry about it
  16. Have you tried EZ accessory.com? or custom wheel accessory inc
  17. Will never wear out a set of tires
  18. Always read and understand before responding, and listen before you speak
  19. I know there is no sight glass on a weber, but d-mike told him to check it
  20. Do you have a picture of the sight glass on a weber?
  21. Do you get a lot of tire rub with those dually's ?
  22. Also, are there fire pits for campfires?
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