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  1. Check at a bicycle shop or motorcycle shop, they may have a cable that will work
  2. light showed up today, Thank You
  3. Last time I will ask are you going to send the light???????????
  4. Turn signal works the high/ low beams pull towards steering wheel for low, push away for high
  5. If you use a right hand cable you will have to push it instead of pulling it 🤣
  6. NLSV valve there is a thread on how to bleed this system in the brakes section
  7. Are you going to send the light?
  8. If it's not a FRAM, it ain't worth a damn 😁
  9. Need your address to send you a check How much?
  10. Never mind, don't have time to wait on you to send me the light
  11. Thanks, I need this as soon as you can get it on my way, need your address so I can send you a check
  12. I only need the light assembly, have new (used ) fenders on the way Richard Lunore 10414 Peacock Hill Ave. # 10 Gig Harbor Wa, 98332
  13. 1st pic before the rest are after roundabout incident
  14. How do you want payment, cashiers check, money order , personal check, western union ? I am 70 years old and have never stiffed anyone with a personal check and don't intend to start now, shipping to gig harbor Wa 98332 ?
  15. I want them and a complete front fender marker light if you have one rdlunore@hotmail.com 25. 509-3208
  16. I need front side marker light, complete for 620 send to gig harbor Wa 98332
  17. Rick-rat

    1979 620 parts

    is the cowel still available and price to ship to Gig Harbor Wa
  18. I managed to kill my battery today, didn't notice my brake lights were not going off, Fixed that problem with a little glue, a little tape and a penny. tried to start truck and got nothing, voltmeter was reading about 6 volts. Got a jump and took it in to have my battery tested, turns out it was a 12 year old battery that couldn't take anymore. Told them I wanted another one that would last as long as it did😀 This was a 50 month warranty battery from Les Schwab
  19. You are in the wrong spot to be asking for donations, we are cheap, poor bastards that can barely keep our Datsuns going. Try a Go Fund Me ad, will have better luck there 🤣
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