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  1. Like I said, to each his own. If these trucks were hard sought collectors items I’d agree with you, but they, at this point, are not. The bigger appeal has been to people that want a resto-mod truck with vintage appeal but modern touches. That’s where I’ve received the most interest from potential buyers. I thought I may find some interest here in some parts other than inferior made Chinese, Taiwanese, etc junk.
  2. Mine is only the exception because of many people’s mindset then I suppose. Thus far it seems that the 720 specifically only has value as all time capsule or a very nice resto-mod. Everything in between those hasn’t reached a status otherwise, but I think that it will, particularly as more nice examples start showing up as representations of what they can be. Nothing I have seen on eBay is worth the shipping cost, much less the asking price once you see the quality. The replacement bumper I got is laughable quality....hence me looking at other options to get something nice.....the whole point of this is to establish a supply of high quality parts.... $100 is hardly expensive. Anyway, to each his own, I’ve considered just buying all 10 to start out with and having my shop guys do at least one of these trucks a year alongside other projects to see what kind of resale market develops.
  3. I wouldn’t put them on an $800 truck either....but the value on these is on an uptick. I’ve had offers in the $10k range for mine and it’s not even finished yet.
  4. Wow really ? Not a single person interested in top of the line precision CNC custom parts for our trucks ?
  5. I’m not real sure on the rear bumper, it was in the truck when I bought it back in 2009.
  6. Weird, they show up for me just fine on desktop, but from my phone nothing. Is anyone here using drop box as a host for photos ?
  7. I have been talking with the guys over at Skillard about doing some CNC parts for our trucks as my build is coming together. They are open to it if I can put together 10 people for an initial buy on each part I have commissioned. All of them can be raw stainless, or powder coated. Some of the parts we are talking about so far are as follows: - Stainless Door Sill Plates - Center Console - Kick Plates - Door Cards - Emblems - Bumpers - Grills The first commission run would be for the door sill plates. They would be $100 for a pair if we have 10 buyers. Let me know here who would be in at this price. They can be stamped to say either Datsun, or Nissan for appropriate application.
  8. Yeah, first time using drop box here. I got it figured out, look again.
  9. It has been a while. The 720 has been back burnered for some time, but it has found some new life. I recently added a paint and interior shop to my aviation business so we are tackling some of my side projects when the guys have time. The last photos are where it sits as of today. We should have it finished by end of December. So far we have - Painted Rear Frame - Replaced all hoses to and from fuel tank/pump/filters etc - Drained and refilled rear diff, resealed rear diff - Deleted Spare Tire brackets and other unneeded brackets under bed - Replaced wheel cylinder and shoes before painting drums - Replaced leaking clutch slace cylinder - Prep and painted the cab in Cement Grey - Replaced both door hinged - Replaced all rubber seals on doors and windows - Replaced dented front bumper, and lower valance - Painted all trim Satin Black - Installed LED headlights w/proper wiring, relays, etc. - New corner and bumper lenses with LED bulbs and proper LED flashers - Pulled out all old interior carpet and plastic panels More to come over the upcoming weeks. - Small amount of rust weld repair in bed - Bobbing the bed 12-14" - Line-X Bed Liner - Bed rack w/ angled rear spare tire mount in bed - Roof Basket Rack - Pull front brakes and paint, refurb as needed - All new interior sound deadening, carpet, custom stainless accents (door sills, console, trim, etc)
  10. Wylder1324

    320 color codes

    What I am actually doing is having a 1965 Schwinn Bicycle that I picked up paint matched to my 65 L320.
  11. Wylder1324

    320 color codes

    I will def have it matched I just wanted to have an idea of what the actual code was if I could.
  12. Wylder1324

    320 color codes

    I think it MAY be 554-Mint Green. I've seen several 320s this same color.
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