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  1. Rick-rat's truck has been stolen, this happened about a week ago, probably too late, probably long gone. He would have posted it here but he can't log in due to one of the mods here. He called me and asked me to do this Rick's EX Thank you
  2. This is rick's wife, You could tell how thrilled he was when he won the truck. you don't know how sad and depressed he was when he realized that he would not be able to make it work for his needs, after he did all the work on it and replaced parts that needed to be replaced. The final straw was when he finally took it for a test drive and he came back and said to me, this won't work, I don't feel comfortable or safe driving it. I told him to sell it for as much as he could. He finally convinced me that it really should go back to Al. when I agreed I said to at least get the money for parts, title transfer, license fees before giving it back. I know he can be an old bastard at times, but he loves to go to Datsun get togethers and shows. After reading some of the things that have been said about him, I don't know why he would want to see some of you. Those of you that took cheap shots at a man that has suffered 2 strokes and has brain damage, should be proud of yourselves. He is still a very considerate man that would help anyone out if you asked for it. Thank you for your time Shaundra
  3. The good, it's a 79 620, L20, 4 speed, ball joints, disc brakes already, lots of small dents, surface rust, don't have to worry about door dings when parked. Runs great, freshly rebuilt Weber. Everything works on it. Hubby is very happy now. Going to leave it pretty ratty looking and just drive it. The bad, needs new seats and carpet, has a Fram oil filter on it
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