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  1. There's also an old company called jackman racing that makes and aluminum wheel that looks exactly like them too
  2. Not sure where exactly this should have been posted but poking around on the local Craigslist I stumbled across this thing and figured it needed to be shared with the datsun community https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/cto/d/very-rare/6601144386.html
  3. really though...what kind of person would put weights on the outside of shiny new wheels!? a couple touches of a button on a tire machine will static balance them....and ta da! only weights on the inside lip. had to get that out....but the wheels look bitchin for sure
  4. Finally have something to contribute to this thread. Just picked these up the other day for $100..now onto painting the centers and cleaning them up. Got one painted and tires that just fit...will post more pics with all 4 wheels painted and the old girl sitting on new rubbers
  5. Finally!!! Got the old girl running, driving, stopping and turning!!! Will post some pics when I get off of work just taking lunch and had to share with someone that I finally got to hear it running.
  6. The guy who rebuilt my starter sold me a fixable "core" he found laying around for $20...I found out they don't exist but he used the face of my factory one and everything else is from a datsun forklift...it's 1/2" longer but fits fine
  7. After 6months of waiting I've finally got a functioning starter for the 320...woo hoo!!! Got it installed last weekend and apparently the wiring harness I made was a success! Cranks with the key, lights work, signals work, and gauges work! In the process of getting some spark out of it now. Ordered points that were supposed to fit but to my dismay they don't..so tearing apart the distributor this weekend to get cleaned up while waiting on my fuel tank to be finished with it's cleaning and resealing so will be soon time to get her back on the road! Will post some pics tonight of my progress.
  8. I did manage to get some of the wires/engine bay tidied up a little bit more but my dismay with the starter ordeal put a damper on me going hard with the wiring. I'd sure like to hear this thing running before I put too much time into fixing a wiring harness for an engine that's no good. Which in turn...if engine is bad I'll be going a completely different route and doing some swapping...and boosting, lol
  9. Sorry man have been out of a computer for a little while so haven't done too much for the updating of the progress on this little gem. I've been waiting the last 3+ weeks for this place to get my starter rebuilt which has been a complete headache!!! First, they tell me after 2weeks their supplier has one that matches the part# of mine for only $110 which of course I jumped on buying and they stopped the "rebuilding" of my old rusty one out of my truck. 3days later I go pick it up and get the truck inside to start wrenching on it to find out it doesn't match up! Couldn't be a close wrong starter but nonetheless wrong so now I've found a second more competent fellow who I've just dropped the old starter off to yesterday so fingers crossed I'll have it back in my possession and ready to get this little girl fired up within the next week or so
  10. You know it man! I'm in love with how this little thing is looking. My plans are to wet sand it down with 400, put on the 1200/60hp/hood badge and clear over it all. Only thing getting changed "looks" wise is going to be the wheels..everything else stays as it is
  11. Got the old girl steering and stopping over the weekend. New brake master cylinder and all new copper lines along with successful adventure into converting the steering box bearings to sealed bearings...that needs a little tweaking but does work smoothly. Also cleaned the dreadful paint off the grill/headlight rings and got some shiny back out of her! Woo hoo! Next weekend is onto wiring and making this old girl breath some fire again!!!
  12. Glad to see what my truck should look like when I feel ambitious enough to tear it apart and pretty it up. Awesome work man! That thing is going to be super-fly TNT fancy when you're finished!
  13. Kyle..I'm always crossing the river, lol. I work in Manheim and that's where the truck currently is sitting at the shop I work so I can get in as much wrench time as possible so if you're ever in the area feel free to stop in and shoot the shit..I'm always at the shop. Tucson..good question! Haha! I'm hoping the wet sanding goes well and I can get it back to the fancy dark green and flames but until then I usually just stick with telling them it's rusty....or bitchin! What color is better then bitchin!? Leaves something there for the imagination I think, lol
  14. By the way....yes, that is a birds head on the dash! Found that inside the dash...he's missing the rest though so figured well? That little pecker is going to be my new mascot! lol
  15. Just found this little gem 20miles from me and was instantly in love! Already has the perfect amount of rust to be the perfect little daily ratrod without falling apart at the seems. Already got the dash and seat cleaned up and installed just putzing around with things here and there until my pile of engine/brake and steering parts show up to get this little lady back on the road again. Finished up the diamond plate door panels today after work for the low.low of free.99! Brakes and steering are next...then onto my FAVORITE part...the wiring!!! Woo hoo, what a tedious pain wires are!
  16. Just made up some diamond plate door panels while waiting on steering/brake parts...and did them for the low low price of free.99! lol
  17. Very nice job on the front end and thanks for the info. I'm just making it run/stop/turn as of now while compiling so info on builds/swaps and such I can do with it. This is my 3rd Datsun project and I've also owned 6 Nissan 240sx that were all projects and only one of the 240s never got back to the road (no title and stripped parts for another) so by all means no worries to the Datsun guys..I bought this truck to drive and play with not collect dust!
  18. That bike is an absolute work of art!!! Beautiful work, I'd love to pick your brain one day, lol
  19. That's what I've been on the fence about...it is pretty complete as far as factory parts still there and seems solid everywhere so I'm on the fence if I'm going to make it run/stop/turn as it sits and do the factory "rat rod" thing with it or I've also tossed around the idea of going the 4wheel disc brakes, coilovers with 5link, and trying to jam a RB series engine in it. I know they're polar opposite builds but both seem appealing..even though the "rat rod" method would keep costs down but who knows I'm just wrenching on it a day at a time and we'll see where it leads
  20. Here's a few pics of my new project. It's a 1965 Datsun L320 from the title/vin search I've done. Just got the dash and seat cleaned up and the start of sanding off the spray paint covering up the flames and nice dark green paint underneath. Trying to get it steering and stopping before I start on the engine. Have all the brake parts I need ordered and all steering is freed up but still looking for some impossible to find steering gearbox bearings and races!!! If anyone could help there that'd be awesome! Other wants/needs if anyone has some extras lying around to sell: 60hp badges, hood emblem, 1 Datsun1200 badge, cover for transmission? (I assume I'll be making this one), and steering gearbox bearing HELP! Measured up to try converting to sealed bearings but waiting on them to be made up for me so I'll keep you guys posted if that works out.
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