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  1. nisblu910

    Nissan Bluebird 910 Hardtop Coupe 1981 year in Russia)

    Hello everyone. It's hard times so the car decided to sell. The reason is simple, demolish the garages. In Russia, this is the norm. During the absence of not done much. The floor is welded, the main brake cylinder BM50 is installed, the wiring under the air conditioner is made, in general all that could have done. It remains only the chassis but it's beyond my power. Thanks to this forum, I have a lot of information for my old car to rebuild it. Sorry for my english,long time did not use it to write(
  2. nisblu910

    Nissan Bluebird 910 Hardtop Coupe 1981 year in Russia)

    Hello everyone. if you are still interesting.) This car is steel alive and I think , continue to live , maybe even my children will have fun with it ) So what i do about 8 Month? Very, very few unfortunately have long thought that in the end to do with it. Native Parts especially not find, therefore I decided to replace the rear suspension Bluebird 910 on Silvia S13,14,15 or Laurel c33,34,35, because it is the best option if I want to continue to ride it. While the thought, i found rear suspension with disc brakes that have successfully install on bluebird, and finding with new parts such as bushings, brake discs, brake pads. But it is in Europe well, because they were exported in this region, and in which case you can find spare parts for junkyard or elsewhere. In Russia, this is really a problem. But we have in any quantity as the Laurel c33,34,35 and Silvia s13,14,15 and therefore took such a decision, plus, i can start welding the bottom. Some pics : 2) 3) 4) 5) And last thing from keys it's logo bluebird ^_^
  3. nisblu910

    Nissan Bluebird 910 Hardtop Coupe 1981 year in Russia)

    I cant find it on s15, because only diagram of the ecu what i can find, it's S15 turbo. Only s14 have digram sr20de non turbo and some wiring is different and i dont know how find this wire but i try) New old photo after instal engine 14-15 november. I do not make new photos, because i am fat lazy ass, and when i do something for the car, i forgot take a photo of the process, I immerse myself in the work on the car and forget about the world, not to mention to make the photo) 1)g-corporation full tap strut rear and front S13, front brake 2 pot nissan skyline R34 sedan, rounded fist S13(google translate)), front sway bar s13 2)Adjust angle plate camber 3)Underframe S13 with stock bluebird steering rack 4)Ratsun bluebird 910 with SR20DE) 5)And repaired steering wheel of my bluebird. Original MOMO made in Italy! Unfortunately it's the last repair of this steering wheel(( That is all news at this moment) Falling ruble will not allow to buy some good things and that much time to buy before his fall. But I try not to lose heart and make this guy, because my old car lada I sold and besides blue miracle I have nothing)(use only google translate, forgive me)
  4. nisblu910

    Nissan Bluebird 910 Hardtop Coupe 1981 year in Russia)

    Hello everyone! So, i installed engine sr20de from Silvia S15, and now i try to connect my tacho to ecu(s15), but it's not work( Can you help me? I found instruction when people connected tacho wire to ecu pin(9 silvia s14, s15) use 10 kOhm resistor , but it's not worked on my car, because, i think, my old engine is L18T is a carburetor, and signal wire to tacho take on the ignition coil "-" plug. I had tried to find something, but all people when swap engine change old Z engines, and they are injector, not carburetor.
  5. nisblu910

    my 910 sss in finland

    Hello! Do you have some more photo of this white blubird? I need some parts from this)
  6. nisblu910

    Nissan Bluebird 910 Hardtop Coupe 1981 year in Russia)

    Forget photo on watanabe's)
  7. nisblu910

    Nissan Bluebird 910 Hardtop Coupe 1981 year in Russia)

    So some news) All parts what i want i buy it's: 1)Front levers Nissan Silvia S13. 2)Engine and 5-gear meachanical ear box from Nissan Silvia s14 3)Front stabilizer S13 4)Full Tap Strut G-corporation Front and Rear 5)Underframe SR20DE. 6)Front hub 4 studs 7)Front brakes BNR34 2 pistons Yesterday i am with my friends got the engine out of the car, and starts to put the s14 engine in the car and install suspension. In this sonnection i starts to disassemble L18T and if some one need a part, i sale them. But engine block i leave yourself, the rest either in the trash or on sale, because there is no place to store it( And i have one more question, i want to replace rear seal glass, but i can't remove the old, can you heplped to me with this problem council? I mean this metal parts on glass
  8. nisblu910

    Nissan Bluebird 910 Hardtop Coupe 1981 year in Russia)

    My name is Alexey) Thx. Year in name of topic 1981. I dont know how it comes to Russia but they have ADAC label on front grille, and sticker on front windshield. So, i guess the first time this car were in Austria or Germany. In Russia it comes in 1997, because the first reference in technical passport it was 1997 Saint-Petersburg. Next time until 2004 she is change the place of dislocation on Moscow and then, after 2007 year, she is comes to Krasnodar. So big history(34 year) and big wheel mileage(over 250000 km). Sorry, but i must to retain this engine, because if i sell him or parts I can't pass technical inspection and can't sold my car to somebody. In future i try to fix this engine, now compression 9 in all cylinders. It's bad, but i think its piston rings need to replace or grind valves, but if i can't fix the engine, i start to sell for parts of him) But not now. Because i can drive on it, with smoke, with unstable work, but it's fun and gives me pleasure drive on this car, and I do not notice the shortcomings) I have a little plan now, i install all new parts of this car:engine, steering, suspension, gearbox. Because if i do this moment when fix car body i can scratch, or break some parts, thats why i want to starts fix car body after fitting all parts and where can ride on new assembly. After test drive, adjust all problem and after this i start to fully disassemble car, car body fixed to the welding tilter and will fix what I can. Right now i save up some money to weld tilter car body, and starts swap of engine and suspension of silvia s13 and s15. But i have one little problem, i cant find the left wheel steering rack nissan 200sx, s13,s14. And i have question about this, the standart steering rack of bluebird 910 can be installed on stretcher silvia s13 or not? Thanks everyone for interest! OFFTOP This is my another car Zhiguli 21061 Or Lada 1500.
  9. Hello everyone! I buy this car in Russia city Krasnodar. I try to restoration this but its not easy i think, but the car is worth it. So engine inside is L18t with two su carb. Condition of the car is 3.5/5 nead close the hole in floor and rear side, repair the spar and etc, but first i am buy Watanabe 7J 15) Good looking now. Now in search rear lights, becuse my in bed condition. Soon i will be install sr20de+s15 transmission, full front suspension of s13. Sorry for my bad eng)

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