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  1. No idea, I have 2 and could find ballast in either of them
  2. Time Left: 5 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Right and left Brake light assembly off a 1980 datsun 510 Normal Wear, Damage, Has Scratches and Scuffs, Please see pictures for item condition Be advised that you will have to pay for shipping


    Fort Lauderdale, Florida - US

  3. Time Left: 5 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Normal Wear, Damage, Has Scratches and Scuffs, Please see pictures for item condition


    Fort Lauderdale

  4. I have a complete hatchback 1980 datsun 510 automatic not going to use sorry can't help
  5. It's kind of quiet in here what's going on
  6. OK confirmed 83 280zx non turbo vented disc brakes 5sp tran.is this a good donor or should I go down to 81
  7. thanks again. I guess I should look for 80-82 zx
  8. i think he said the zx 83 automatic turbocharged. no worries I'm only gonna use the suspension, wheels and brakes. my A10 doesn't need anything else but paint a day that will be done 2016 or 2017
  9. Wait the 280zx can I also install the rear one on my A10 I hope cause I just found a 280zx my coworker has one seating at home never gonna use it so ill make him a offer
  10. Thank you guys much appreciated if anyone needs the struts after I do the change you can have it but u must pay for the shipping.
  11. Good morning Guy im ready to do the Front brake upgrades im trying yo remember the one I was advice earlier I think someone said the 280zx or the 200sx not sure but in any case I need the year of the donor car so I can get this done before Xmas any help is appreciated.
  12. Hi guys I need help, I have automatic 3sp tranny in my A10 is there any 4sp I can just install without engine swap, nor having to do much mod? I want to keep the naps z20s engine.
  13. Here's the conversion to Weber before and after http://rs430.pbsrc.com/albums/qq26/sucuproduction/temporary_zpscuthfs5q.jpg~320x480 http://rs430.pbsrc.com/albums/qq26/sucuproduction/temporary_zpsm1fo5br3.jpg~320x480 http://rs430.pbsrc.com/albums/qq26/sucuproduction/temporary_zps42mcgbe9.jpg~320x480 http://rs430.pbsrc.com/albums/qq26/sucuproduction/Mobile%20Uploads/20150413_173707_zpslpljfoiq.jpg~320x480http://rs430.pbsrc.com/albums/qq26/sucuproduction/Mobile%20Uploads/20150413_173613_zpsgm38o3gp.jpg~320x480http://rs430.pbsrc.com/albums/qq26/sucuproduction/Mobile%20Uploads/20150413_173
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