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  1. Go VIKINGS !!!!!! Ticks suck but I still want a fast 510 again soon and will earn my ticket
  2. Guys you forget it about the cars and trucks and some of use live south 2 hours and want to go and if it was more north would not be able to go as traffic that way sucks
  3. There was a nice blue 320 in town just sitting I asked for years and the old man not for sale when he died his kids turned it in for scrap metal. Sucks I didnt ask when his yard was getting cleaned, sow keep asking they can only say no.
  4. Are the tail light new old stock and a picture would be nice thank you
  5. I have never got pulled over and not got a ticket and can admit that I was in the wrong and needed too slow done if your nice you get a smaller ticket some times and on sunday night on highway 5 the altinator failed the cop that stopped thought my 620 was cool and helped charge my battery so I could drive on one nice cop wish I had a picture
  6. Just wondering if you checked the wipers and if the retractable seat belts were in good shape and price for all and color of belts thank you
  7. Do you still have the blue retractable seat belt and are they in good shape and how much do you want thank you
  8. this truck is just car art and not driveable he should put glass in it and get real tags for a 1979
  9. does this car have log books and how much
  10. I drive my 620 daily 56 miles too work and love it.
  11. I just bought a 1974 Datsun 620! I also have a 1975 Datsun which I bought 5 years ago...great trucks!

  12. My wife had to point out that there is a green datsun 620 in Twilight! It is in the school parking lot scenes!!!
  13. does this truck have intermitted wipers and would you want too sell them thank you
  14. I have the brackets on my 1974 620 and it stop great the only bad part was finding the grade 8 bolts and you need 15 inch rims this truck is my daily driver
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