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  1. Dangit I already got the coil for the '79... Mine does have the matchbox on it... so the coil for a '79 isnt what I need? can you send me a link to the one i need?
  2. I believe it did have the '74 distributor, so I got a '79 at lunch and I am putting it in today!
  3. Also I got the grille and the floor mat for the pickup for $55 at the local salvage yard... Super sweet find! I am the only one that knows about this parts pickup so I'm taking it apart one piece at a time. I still haven't decided on what mirrors I am going to use, any suggestions?
  4. Thank you! Yes it is running! I should have kept the forum up to speed with what was happening, but I have just been pm'ing Mike and Hainz about questions that I had. Today I am going to get a new coil in because I am only getting spark some times and I think that this is my problem... I have a 74' coil in it and the engine is a 79' L20B so I need to get the right coil any ways. I should also note that the old coil was sitting in the bed of the pickup outside for the last 2 years... so its worth the update! When the pickup is running it seems to flood easily... could th
  5. Hello Gentlemen, I just wanted to share a few picture updates with you all, let me know what you think!
  6. Hey Gentlemen... I got the engine in this weekend and its looking great I just wish there was a magic switch to get it running now. I have a few question in regards to wiring, and most of them stem around whether I should use my old wiring harness or just start from scratch? I would hate to put the ugly wiring harness under this beautiful hood. Please give me some advice on what you would do if you were in my shoes! If I am going to just rewire it my self ans skip the old wiring harness is there some type of wiring diagram for just the essential shit to get it running?
  7. Thanks for all the positive vibes gentlemen! Check out this grill emblem that I made, I cut it on the water jet at my last job... Let me know what you think!
  8. Thanks Bro! Yes, I got the seat out of another datsun pickup. I'm actually building the whole truck around the seat! My dad did upholstery for 30yrs, and this is the last seat that he ever did before he officially retired. The guy I got the seat from is this super cool datsun guy, he legit just gave it to me. Yes, I had quite a few different choices and now things are looking up and I should have a running pickup soon. 🙂
  9. Mine was missing huge chunks too I just filled it all and then used textured paint to mask it! It was far gone I thought too the before pic is actually after I filled the cracks!
  10. Thanks Man! I actually painted the dash in my apartment bathroom and got over spray on everything like 2 years ago... it was the only room in my apartment with a fan! I filled all the cracks with a 2 stage epoxy, it has held up well for 2 years... I can upload more pics of the process if you want!
  11. The Motor is a super long story, I paid a mechanic to do it about 2.5 years ago... and he completely fucked me over. I think that he sold it for drug money or something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so I spent some time looking for a good engine the last couple of months and I found found one! Since it already had good compression and I saw it run good, I just spent some good time cleaning it up. I changed a lot of the gaskets and polished up the valve cover, got a new clutch set and put a weber on... just a lot of the basic shit!
  12. Thanks for the responses, I figured that it would be pretty easy to square it up after I get the engine in! I will keep you guys posted, the engine is supposed to go in on Sunday... I don't expect it to be completely wired in by then, but at least sitting in there so we can see if it is still leaning hard like it is. Here are some more before and after images since I haven't posted much about my truck yet! You can see the shitty old bucket seats in this picture... The bench seat
  13. Hey Guys, I wanted to start a quick thread for all the questions that I have... If you have the answers I would greatly appreciate it! First Question for This Thread: I have the engine out of my pickup and I noticed that the drivers side is about 1 & 1/2" lower than the passenger side (see pictures below)... Is this normal, and is it because I have the engine out? Also I have been working on cleaning up my engine before putting it in; let me know what you think!
  14. That's really good to know now, and I wish that I could have known this sooner... Hindsight is at least 20/40 in this case 😉 To me it seems like my family has always been preaching that the only way to go on the z22 and z24 was to get rid of all the emissions junk and put a Weber carb on it. Are you saying that the z22 is actually a good engine, and if I were to just revert back to stock I would have less of a headache? I will dive through the 720 rabbit holes, and see if I can't find what I am looking for!
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