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  1. Ct06033

    Idiot Questions - New Owner

    So, I have been tooling around town in the 68' Datsun i recently got and i have a few noob questions about it running. I figured id put them all together to avoid tons of 1 reply posts. So without further ado... Q1: I dont have a temp gun so I have to rely on the dash gauge. What is considered "running hot" vs optimal temp? When going around town, the guage reads at between the second line and middle point (covering the thermometer logo). On the highway, this gauge reads at the half way point. Is this considered good? From what i know, it is running the stock radiator which has an electric fan attached rather than the old engine driven one. Q2: on a related point, when the temp gauge reads at above the second line but below half way, the car is prone to mis fires (a few revs fix this sometimes) and when warm (half way mark) it seems to have problems idling and on occasion has died. Im taking it to the shop to see if a carb tune can solve this and push off a carb rebuild for a bit or if its futile. I do know one carb runs rich and the other runs lean which probably doesnt help things. Q3: most of the people I talk to seem to let their car idle for several minutes when starting cold until the needle hits the second mark on the temp gauge. Recently, i have been running for about 30 seconds with choke and 30 seconds without choke and once the engine idles normally, i take off. This is my first carburated car so... what do most of you do? That's mostly it for now. The car is in a pretty rough shape for its overall condition when i got it, so i dont entirely know what is "normal" for the car and dont want to do any additional damage that could be solved by some knowledge. Any insight to this would be awesome!
  2. Ct06033

    New 68 Datsun 1600 Owner

    So, i was able to fit an optima battery... 800 CCA!! Anyway, turns out the PO used a Walmart battery so unsurprisingly, it had a dead cell. Once i replaced that, everything ran fine and no problems since so im just going to leave the alternator alone. Otherwise, I replaced the sparkplugs with Autolite Platinum which helped the misfiring a bit. ordered some NGK wires and will probably replace the distributor cap and pin. I found a local guy Rallye Sport / Winter Racing who specializes in Datsuns. Seems to be the only decent guy in town. Mostly old Z cars and 510s but he was pretty excited to see my 1600. Seems there arent many around town (i have gotten that comment several times while stopped at lights).
  3. Ct06033

    New 68 Datsun 1600 Owner

    Thanks, I'm not sure how much I'll contribute in the beginning, I'm about to make a slew of new topics to cover some questions but any work I do I'll document as much as I can.
  4. Ct06033

    New 68 Datsun 1600 Owner

    I've actually been reading the site in anticipation of the alternator change. I'm interested in doing a GM swap but I don't have fabrication tools so hoping to find a bolt on solution.
  5. Ct06033

    New 68 Datsun 1600 Owner

    Thanks, I'm actually looking to get a set of daisy's for summer driving. Any suggestions?
  6. Ct06033

    New 68 Datsun 1600 Owner

    Oh man, I'm only aware of the 67.5 change.. how can I tell? See if my metric set fits?
  7. Ct06033

    New 68 Datsun 1600 Owner

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and Datsuns in general. I just came about one so Im hoping to find a active group of enthusiasts to share my experiences and make some new friends! About a year ago, i first learned about these cars but though they were unobtainable due to my never having seen one on the road in my few but enthusiastic years as a car lover. Anyway, doing some dreaming on Craigslist, a Datsun popped up. After some digging, there were several for sale in Denver! The hard part was finding one that i could daily while doing restoration as budget/time permitted. Well, i eventually found what i was looking for and here it is! My old Daily (gf is taking it over) and the new baby. Yes, the plates came with the car, PO worked hard to get them too! The paint was cheap but it looks good from a few feet away and the chrome is all decent (but bumpers need to be straightened) The drive train has a few leaks but all together, everything looks good. Even I was surprised as to how good a shape it was in! took it home for $6100. Engine is original and has 91k (at least thats what the odo reads) and already has an electric fuel pump conversion. I am hoping to keep things as original as possible while making a few changes as necessary for reliability. And eventually repainting it, i know its popular but i cant stand the red. Thinking about doing black or metallic silver but that is much further down the line. My first order of business is to get her running again. She starts with a jump but even after driving around town, she needs a jump again when you go to start. the amp meter still moves and the PO said the battery is only 2yo. Ill start by swapping it for an AGM and go from there. My short list so far is (in no particular order): Brake upgrade Soft Top (came with hard top, but no soft top or frame. I figured the hard top is harder to come by for winter driving) Suspension (probably will be first as it rides like a mechanical bull) Transmission Rebuild Change out all engine gaskets/rebuild if budget allows Restore interior Hope this is a satisfactory intro. If anyone is in Denver, ill be at Cars and Coffee on Aug 1! -Sean

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