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  1. Picked up some matching wheels and tires for the frame today, sans valve stems. I thought about installing the valve stems myself, but I am glad I dropped 20 bucks and had a tire shop do it instead. Got them filled and balanced as well. It took them a bit to get the beads set, and I can only imagine the frustration I would have gone through without the proper equipment. They were off of a 2016 4Runner. The owner swapped to some wheels that were designed to better shed mud. His rig was immaculately clean... Side view installed. They look pretty good. You can get a good s
  2. As you can see above, the lower A-arm pushes down onto the ball joint. If the ball joint fails, the A-arm wont just fall down. This was a design change after the 2005 model year. Apparently, it was implemented across all of Toyota's trucks. I still have what's left of the A/C parts. There is not a complete system, and I am not sure if what is left is operational. Honestly, it would be cheaper to go with an aftermarket system like Vintage Air versus trying to rebuild this system. I would also run a lot better, and probably fit a lot tighter, as well. Unless you are looking
  3. Those look like the lugs for the Toyota. The issue I had with the Chevy rims was that I wasn't getting a solid metal to metal contact due to the center hole not being large enough. Spacers helped. I will definitely check those out. The wiring for the light was pulled by a previous owner, so I have to rewire it anyway.
  4. I was not aware of this, but after a quick search, my frame should not be affected. This was an issue with the previous gens' design which would cause the balljoint to fall out from the bottom. This gen has a new fail safe design where even if the balljoint fails, it will stay in. I will grab some pics when I get home from work tomorrow. Yessir, it is. I chose it because of the very large aftermarket support system.
  5. Alright! So the deal went through, and I am excited! I wanted to post this up yesterday, but I was exhausted after everything was done. And here it is: It's a 2007 Toyota 4Runner frame with axles, four wheel disk brakes, suspension, rack and pinion, and fuel tank! I picked it up from a guy who was going to do a frame swap for his 4Runner, but then he totaled his 4Runner before he could do the swap. When I finally got home last night. The frame is a lot bigger than I had originally thought, but it's less than 46" wide at it
  6. I'm back! I apologize for ghosting, but I got deployed. No work since last post, but I hope to get back into it this year. I did get some new toys, literally: I got them as a belated Christmas present. 😊 My son already thinks that they are his. He calls the blue one "Daddy's truck" and the white one "White truck." He already broke the steering wheel out of the blue truck. Lol. They are nice die cast models in a 1/24 scale. I also rewarded myself some new toys for doing such a great jo
  7. You will have to shop around. It could be anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand or even more depending on the level of concierge service you want. Plus, you would be buying sight unseen, so there is a risk. As a frame of reference, my dad paid to ship my uncle's motorcycle from Atlanta, GA to Portland, OR, and it was about $1000.
  8. There was no leakage from the pinion seal, but you're right. I might as well change it while everything is apart. Yeah, that drum was drug for a bit (I've seen it before, and it definitely will damage the backing plate to get that far down on the drum), but not on this truck. I don't think the drums are original. They don't match, which is another reason why I want to change them out. I do appreciate the classic look of the originals. I wanted more tire options, so I decided to go for a larger wheel. While these wheels aren't my preferred wheels of c
  9. I second being patient. They are rare on the east coast, but not impossible to find. I have found that they come up in waves. There will be a drought, with none for months, then all of a sudden several will pop up. Just be ready to pay premium prices for crap. It took me 15 years to find one that I liked at a price I was willing to pay. I mostly searched on Facebook Marketplace and craigslist. Try different keywords for your searches: "datsun" "datsun 620" "620" "datsun truck" You can also try SearchTempest, but it isn't as good as it originally was.
  10. I have been busy with all of life's little treasures lately - family, work, rain - and have not had much time to work on the truck. I finally got some time today. Welp, the honeymoon is over. When I was installing the wheels, I had noticed the passenger side rear drum looked wet. I pulled the drums and found the culprit: I thought (hoped) maybe the master cylinder blew (the brakes were pretty soft/weak). Turns out the axle seals are bad. That would also explain why the brakes felt soft/weak... they were being lubricated. I jacked up the rear end and pulled the wheels a
  11. I had not thought of this. It is definitely something to look into!
  12. I will probably not use these tubes. The A/C parts that came with the truck are not a complete system. I have not looked under the dash to see if there are any already installed. These may be extra tubes. I am going to look into an aftermarket A/C system. I like the look of the Vintage Air systems. The price looks reasonable too. I'll let you know if I do not end up using them.
  13. The parts fairy came by today and dropped some goodies off... then kept coming multiple times throughout the day. I had tires put on the rims today. 215/60R16 Continental Control Contact Tour A/S Plus. I removed the old wheels and installed the 1" spacers. Then I installed the new wheels. Overall, I like the look with the new wheels. I drove it up and down the street with no rubbing, even at full lock. The spacers push out the wheels nicely. While swapping out the wheels, I
  14. Got some more done over the past couple of days. I pulled the center console out of the truck. Nothing in it was hooked up. I went through all of the parts that came with the truck: Sway bar. I'll try to install this later. A/C pieces. Not everything is there, so I am going to scrap this stuff and look into getting a Vintage Air system. I'll hang on to this stuff until I get that installed. Never know if any of it might be useful. Miscellaneous electrical. Wires, cables, relays, etc... The radio appears to be original,
  15. I didn't get much done today due to rain. I pulled all of the parts out of the truck and stowed them in my garage. The truck looks much better now that it has been de-cluttered. I test fit the Miata seat on the passenger side: I think it looks good there. The tracks are narrower...: And the holes don't line up...: But I really like how they fit. These seats also have the mounting pockets for headrest speakers. I checked it out, and there's a retrofit kit available to install speakers in both seats. I think I am going to do it. I wa
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