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    1978 280z
  1. GoHaunter

    Back pressure transducer for a 78 280z

    Alright thanks I will try that
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone would know where to find a bpt for a 78 280z? I've look around through different websites but no luck. I was wondering if anyone could give me links to possible websites that is selling it. Much appreciated! Websites I've checked: blackdragonauto, rockauto, thezstore
  3. GoHaunter

    Will this vacuum switch work?

    Hi sorry for the super late response and thanks for the info! The ported vacuum valve/switch thats on my car right now is this one: http://imgur.com/eW28LbV I was wondering is the pvs suppose to be loose like that or tighten all the way?
  4. GoHaunter

    Will this vacuum switch work?

    Yea that's what I was thinking of just capping off the middle piece but I'm worried that the thread my be different since there is only 4 on this one but on the actual switch it's 8 threaded. Do you think that could be a problem?
  5. GoHaunter

    Will this vacuum switch work?

    So i bought a vacuum switch for my 78 280z and they sent me a 3 ported vacuum valve rather than a 2, do you guys this will actually be able to work? Picture: https://imgur.com/BtyrU3F Thanks for any information!
  6. GoHaunter

    Vacuum problem

    So I took my 78 280z to get smogged and the guy told me there was a vacuum leak in this area that the picture shows. I also did a smoke test on some vacuum lines and smoke came out of this thing. I would like to know what this part is called so I can replace it if need be. link to part that smoke came out of http://imgur.com/SVK3U36 smog report (fixed ignition timing) http://imgur.com/hhTR5CR
  7. GoHaunter

    Starter problem

    Alright I will try that, thanks for the help!
  8. GoHaunter

    Starter problem

    Hello guys I recently bought a 78 Datsun 280z, and I'm having a some what of a problem, the engine starts but it takes a few turns of the key for the starter to turn on. But when the starter turns on the engine turns on fine. Any suggestions?

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