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  1. Desperately needing new front windshield for my 510. I can't see shit. I've stumbled across http://www.metropartsmarket.com/glass/classicautoglass-c21s2.htmland they sell new 510 glass. Has anyone bought from here? Is any any good? If it isn't good, can someone point out a better source? I've been out of the 510 scene for a few years and still kind of reorienting my bearings.
  2. Ordered new struts/brakes/tune up stuff. Put a plastic barrier between the gas tank and the back seat to help me stop from passing out on the freeway.
  3. Registered my 510. Drove it legally for the first time in a year. I finally have the need for two vehicles and this is the time for the dime to step in and shine. The blue one is mine.
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