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  1. Is "Go to Radio Shack" some type of No Longer Available Nissan parts humor? Should I go to Radio Shack on my way to Blockbuster Video? I don't think Radio Shack exists? BB510
  2. What are you folks using as a replacement grommet for the NLA grommet for where the fuel line enters the engine bay in the front right lower corner of the engine bay? Heard some talk that there is a Jeep sourced grommet that is a decent substitute? I have not had luck so far finding a proper Nissan part. Thanks!
  3. So if we take this white car for sale...... I assume that $40k or more was spent on the restoration as it appears well done to me. According to what I know about this "Trans Am Décor Package" the BRE fiberglass fenders were not part of it. So the fact that this car has BRE fiberglass has nothing to do with the "Trans Am Décor Package" it is just a further modification to this car? I do think that hood pins on a factory steel hood are quite funny. -BB510
  4. That is not what I am talking about. But this is (maybe): https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/cto/d/1973-datsunoriginal-miles/6538046207.html
  5. Does anyone have accurate details on the "Trans Am Decor Package"? I have seen the brochure and purchased one. How did this program work? Were these parts just dealer installed options? I have seen pictures of two cars claiming to be Trans Am Decor Package cars and they both had Red seats and carpeting. I wouldn't imagine that dealers would install different seats and carpeting? Does anyone have a price list? The last page of the brochure has Interparts address and phone number. How was Interpart/BRE involved in this if at all? Is there any accounting of how many cars were equiped with the Tr
  6. https://postimg.org/image/3u1uljtzn/ Libre reconditioning $150/ea Federal SS595's $70/ea -------------------------------------- Outcome PRICELESS! Wheel Concepts in Camarillo California reconditioned all 5 Libres. This included blasting with (I believe) walnut shells to clean surface but not change the rough casting on the spokes. Federal makes a 205x60x13 SS595 which is a DOT tire. This is the same tire that the Legends race cars run - and they race in the rain. So if you encounter a puddle or two you are not in that much trouble. These are $70 each and actually look qu
  7. Ok so to summarize this is all good stuff I have here and not to be discarded? I assume if I had a 4 speed transmission and a stock 50 year old driveshaft that those items would not be worth the space to store them? -Eric
  8. Mine is 43.5 flange to flange and the end looks quite a bit different. https://postimg.org/image/pyzt6zhpf/ Mine looks like the one sitting on the ground by your Property Of Safeway box....Lol.
  9. Ok. Great info! Next question. I have a 510 driveshaft here which I assume is a shortened one to work with this transmission. Does anyone know how long a standard 510 driveshaft is and how long this shortened one should be?
  10. As it sits it is 29.5 inches.
  11. This is a transmission that was in a 510. Back in 1980 or so my dad modified a 68 510. Part of that was a Roadster 5 speed out of my uncles 2000. That car shortly thereafter got totaled and we dismantled it and kept some parts. I inherited a different 510, this transmission and a block (also in picture) and a cylinder head. I was unsure if this transmission was the 5 speed from the dismantle or the original '68 510 4 speed. Thanks for identifying this for me. I will probably sell this one at some point. The current 510 project already has a 5 speed in it. BB510
  12. https://postimg.org/image/qc0cap82b/ Can you guys identify this transmission? I am hoping it is a 2000 5 speed. Thanks!
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