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  1. @banzai510(hainz) Thanks, it has been quite the job figuring out what all needs to be done to make them fit and work.
  2. It is a water proof box I found on Amazon. It has 6 fuses and 6 relay locations. Comes with wire connectors and seals, no fuses or relays.
  3. @Farmer Can you measure the angle your shock is at in relation to the frame. Yours looks closer to the 20 degrees that the shock angle is supposed to be. Also I dont see a sway bar. Can you not put one on due to clearance issues or just did not want to install?
  4. @Lockleaf thanks. Much cheaper that buying a new steering wheel. I like it even more on the truck. Thanks @]2eDeYe. I usually build motorcycles so I am really enjoying this build. Need to get it on the road before the rain starts up this next season. I am tired of riding the motorcycle in the rain, it is not really that enjoyable. @5t341tH the connectors are from American Wire. They are a bit larger than I was wanting, but it will work for now. I have found a different bulkhead connector that has 36 terminals so I may change to that once I get into the interior for th
  5. I am now working on installing Beebani's front coil over conversion kit for kingpin.
  6. July 2020 - I never really liked the style of the Grant steering wheel that came with the truck. So one early morning when I got home from work I painted the center sections of the holes to make slots. At night looking through the window you see the chrome spokes and the black slots disappear. I found that I liked it so I cut the holes into slots. Then Painted everything. I am really happy with the outcome.
  7. June 2020 - I am installing an electronic distributor, ditching the points. I am going to use a GM HEI ignitor set up. So while doing wiring I decided to remove all wires not need anymore in the engine compartment. When doing this the grommet for the firewall the wires go through was not good. I decided to install a bulkhead connector. I filled the hole in the firewall. Yes my welds suck, I am not a welder. Drilled new holes. Mock up fit of the new connectors. Wires added. Also put in a relay/fuse box for a starter re
  8. Everything is back together on the firewall and inner fenders. I found that the engine now gets lost in the engine compartment so I decided to repaint the valve cover and will have a few more blue accents before this is all done.
  9. May 2020 - So I decided to clean the engine compartment, should have done this when I had the engine out. After cleaning I decided that I would paint it. So I removed everything off the firewall and inner fenders. Got everything masked up and sprayed on some primer. I decided to go with a semi gloss black. I think it looks good. Would have liked to do body color but it is a metallic.
  10. January 2020 - Freshly rebuilt radiator from Oxnard Radiator. This guys is awsome, He could tell this was from a Datsun just by looking at it. Cost less than a new aluminium one and will last longer. I also had him do my heater core.
  11. Went to Barnett Tool and Engineering and got my stock throttle cable modified to work with the Harley carb. Also had them make a cable that goes from one carb to the other.
  12. I have been working on the induction system for about 2 years now. Here are some pictures of the process. Having been a motorcycle technician for over 25 years, mostly with Harley-Davidson. I am putting two 40mm CV carbs from Harleys. I am also going to have electric chock on each from Buell Blast. The intake manifold is one I had laying around for the 38mm Su carbs. I have access to a CNC vertical mill so I designed up a fixture for the air cleaner cover and designed and made the air cleaner cover and all other necessary components.
  13. June 2019 - Got the engine completely together. New timing chain and gears, new water pump, oil pump. Painted and installed my exhaust manifold.
  14. May 2019- I did not take a before picture. I repaired a damaged thread hole for the water pump. I had the hole welded up at work. Put on my mill and machined the surface. Drilled and tapped the hole. Part is now painted and ready for install.
  15. April 2019- Bottom end is installed in truck. I don't have an engine hoist. Took 4 of us to install. I put new main and rod bearing, new rings, ARP head studs are going in alone with the rebuilt head (valves and guides).
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