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  1. Not looking for high end horsepower,but low end torque. These are trucks we have not sportscars. What makes the l20b head flow better the port size, valve size? For low end you dont want these to big, velocity from the venturi effect comes into play. I am asking these questions coming from the point of my experience with Harley-davidson motorcycles, sportster 883/1200 conversion to be specific. The 883 head, smaller valves and ports, has more torque and the same horsepower till about 3500-4000 rpm than the 1200 head, bigger valves and ports. Yes the compression ratio will need to be figured out, want at least 9:1, 10:1 will be better.
  2. Has anyone ever thought of putting a z series head on an L20B. Flat top pistons, a cam with .575 lift and 248* duration, and some sort of a better intake system.
  3. Why is the Z series engine not a good fit for a truck? A cross flow head has better scavaging and for low end torque you do not want big ports or radical cam.
  4. I am working on some made of aluminium with brinze bushing to replace the plastic ones on my truck. I will have some available for purchase soon if anyone else will need the also.
  5. That shifter is going to be really far back.
  6. Are you pushing on the accelerator pump to rev engine in the videos?
  7. why could one not replace the fusable link with a maxi fuse?

    1972 620 Build

    you are probably better off just replacing the whole sending unit. nice build. I like what you did with the neon seats.Please keep us posted on the progress.
  9. Sorry for the terminology. I have a motorcycle back ground. on a bike the wheel is 3 parts (rim,hub,spokes).lol
  10. I got this truck on Memorial Day weekend. After a few hours of cleaning connectors & replacing connectors I finally got it running. I got a chance to drive it the following weekend to find there to be a bad vibration above 40mph. I looked under truck to find that the drive shaft center support bearing was bad, the rear diff pinion had lots of free play, but worst of all was that the transmission was missing about 2" of the tall stock (no seal). So I started the tear down to find that the drive shaft would not slip off the transmission, so I cut the slip yoke in half. I purchased a center support bushing & bearing, rebuilt the rear end, got a 4spd trans from a friend. Installed all the parts & the vibration was gone! Pics to come. sorry.
  11. Engine block table base. Sounds pretty cool. Glass top?

    My datsun project

    Nice build. Seems to be coming along. What product did you use on the dash and center console?
  13. I have a '58 VW Bug body that was a planter box while I was building the chassis. That was the only was I could keep it in the front yard without out getting find by the home owners assosiation. Lol. Good luck with the build.
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