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  1. MidnightOil

    74 610 Goon

    hey glad to see my old 610s getting some love cant wait to see it running around in the future ive been having a great time with the 521 take good car of it !
  2. MidnightOil

    pic's of your 1200

    This is Judy, a 1200 with a meaningful past that i plan to continue and make the last owner proud !!!!
  3. MidnightOil

    1990 240 sx SOHC HELP!!!

    Its been resolved , a insulated wire was bad replaced and started right up !!!
  4. MidnightOil

    1990 240 sx SOHC HELP!!!

    how would i test the spark at the coil ?
  5. I have a 1990 240sx ka24e SOHC and the car has no spark and I think I know the issue but I want some thoughts on the distributor there is clearly the four wires that go to a connecter and that's plugged in. But at the bottom base of the distributor where the wires go in theres a single small rectangle tab that looks to need a connector. That is not there, dose something need to be plugged into it do you know if that needs to be plugged in to something or would cause a no spark condition ? I cant find any thing on this little connector and figured to ask here also any idea where I can post this on this site to ask for help from others ?? any help would be extremely appreciated Example of tab -----> http://www.carsteeri...-40F10-Map1.jpg that little gold tab thank YOU ALL FOR READING
  6. MidnightOil

    1200 parts needed

    what are you looking for? i may do a trade i need a oil pan for my 1200
  7. MidnightOil

    1200 parts needed

    what are you lokiingh for? i may do a trade i need a oil pan for my 1200
  8. MidnightOil

    a bad issue with my dash lights and tail lights

    Well i did switch to a new one but that didnt help im in the same spot same issue with the new part
  9. MidnightOil

    a bad issue with my dash lights and tail lights

    its the 72 1200
  10. my running tail light will not come on nor will my marker lights when my head lights are on? and my dash illumination lights don't either i have warning lights that all work and head lights, dome light but nothing else any advice ? maybe a good shop in the LA area to take it to
  11. MidnightOil

    1200 parts needed

    I have the full dash face with the guages for datsun 1200 2dr sedan and more parts then ill ever need
  12. MidnightOil

    Looking for 1200 Fenders in Socal

    looking for a passanger side fender in the socal area not to damaged some rust ok but not a issue im avoiding smashed in or extremly dented ones, if you have some please let me know. all will be good lead if you have any .

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