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  1. Hello, Yes 20w50 @Len. Today visit local Carbuerator and they do not have available idle stop solenoid parts anymore. Just found one from the photo above. Anyone know where do I connect the wire to? Thanks
  2. Hello Tolkmod, Thank you very much. Got out idle stop solenoid and it's missing small pin and will purchase new one. Do you have photo for idle stop solenoid wire connects to? Regards
  3. I forgot to add. Gear "R" reverse not moving at all.
  4. Hello, Last week getting worst keep jerking and sputtering really bad. Transmission issue? Oil change last month 20w50. Too thick? Should use 10w30 or 10w40. Should I change Auto Transmission fluid 75w90? By the way, how do I post photos? Thanks
  5. Hello Len, Thank you for the respond. I'm not familiar with "carburetor". It was my wife's ailing father gift for my wife. We are currently living in Puerto Rico. She has been driving for 7 months and fall in love with Datsun. I suspect some parts around the carburetor are missing and some electric wires cut off. I'm not a mechanic and learn DIY on daily basis. I will upload some photos. Answer to your questions. 1. "Choke move forward" ( like hiccup) Start engine, move automatic stick to "D" press on gas pedal feel engine sputtering really loud refuse to move forward any inches. I have to wait like 5 to 10 seconds or so to let engine itself push forward. If longer, I have to get out of car and push forward to make engine move. While driving on the way sometimes hiccup absord energy (movement) then sputter. press brake on full stop engine absorb energy wait for 5-10 sec itself push forward an inch with out press on gas pedal. Repeat vice versa. Does it make sense? 2. Choke butterfly always open. 3. Yes I can see gas level through the round window. 4. Idle...I can feel the engine shake bad. I haven't check choke plate, throttle linkage and accelerator pump. I will update and see what happens. Regards
  6. 1980 Datsun 210 A15 automatic -Car
  7. Hello everyone, It's been a while. Last time having problem go uphills and my brother in law help out adjust carburetor and replace new distributor cap. Works great go uphills with no problem. After 2 weeks start having issues. Start the engine press on gas pedal won't accelerate at all then choke push forward. When press brake full stop at any stops then press gas pedal engine sputtering won't accelerate for at least 5 sec then choke push forward. Inspect carburetor parts and notice idle stop solenoid wire cut off. I need help insight what cause choke and poor accelerator. 1. Done oil change and filter 2. Replace new gas filter. Thank you for your time.
  8. Dat80

    1980 210 engine

    Hello, Thank you. Sure will do. However, recently replaced new spark plugs and park my 210 on flat surface and runs well for a while. Cheers
  9. Dat80

    1980 210 engine

    Hello, I was driving uphill like 45 degree and the engine starts to splutter and press more gas then the engine shutdown rolling backward. Rolling backward reach flat surface, start the engine driving uphill again then the engine shutdown rolling backward. On flat surface, start the engine and press gas then shutdown rolling backward on flat surface. Shutdown on gear D, 2 and 1. I replaced new gas pump, gas filter, oil and filter, drain out old coolant into new and 2 new belts. My 210 starts to lose torque going uphill. Anyone suggest what I need to replace? Clutch? Thanks
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