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  1. stabworty

    looking for a 810/maxims and acceptance

    Wow, so much to reply to... My mind can be changed with good reasoning. I love wagons but I feel I need irs. I could irs a goon. So much fab I would never get it on the streets. The rb, I want a 350hp goal dependablely. I have look into the l24/26/28 route , it's possible but building a turbo engine and sort 80s fuel delivery sort is a pain .... blowthrough/drawthrough makes my head hurt. 350hp is easy number on a rb and the turbo is pre sorted just improving on what works. I'm willing to drive one back, it's a good shake down lol. I have prepared my wife on the idea on fly to the Pacific northwest and driving back the texas in a 30 year old can.
  2. stabworty

    looking for a 810/maxims and acceptance

    I fell in love with the concept of a stripped, lowered, and swapped 810. I plan on swapping a RB25DET, meanwhile thrashing the L28 while sqaring away the suspension and brakes and whatnot. I can find heaps of RBs but I have only run across one 810 sedan (but since has disappeared from Craigslist). I want to stay away from wagons because of the solid axle. I like the twin rectangle headlight years, but older will do. Ideally I would like to find one running, but if not running it would obviously have to be in a close location, since I would have to trailer it. What's the chances of anyone on here having/knowing of any such vehicle?

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