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  1. Are Datsun drive shaft flanges connected to the ujoint before the differential interchange between different models or is there an aftermarket replacement? Looking for one and can’t find anything.
  2. Thanks I just want to be able to use the original center console. I’m using it now with a modified shift lever but I get a lot of hot air blowing in the car and it’s annoying.
  3. I have had a 240sx ka24 trans in my 620 right now for about 4 years now.. 5th gear just gave out.. I can use a frontier trans and just get another driveshaft right?! Is that correct?
  4. There is no 12v power from the cigarette lighter port I mean, not the cig lighter itself. It’s kind of impossible for me to drive and use gps without having my phone plugged in. I’ll trace the wires again and report back.

    Cigarette lighter

    My cigarettes lighter isn’t working but the dome light is. Checked the connections and everything is plugged in. It was working and now seems to have just died.
  6. so clean!! thanks!!
  7. Nice truck.. Think i saw that on bring a trailer.. What kind of suspension set up do you got in your truck? Im trying get a lil more lift on my truck.
  8. Love the retro sound stereo and speedhut gauges.. those are on my to do list now.. I was wondering what size speedhut gauges I needed.. thanks!!
  9. making the stock speedo work is probably too much trouble. Im just going to order a speedhut gps speedo.

    Gas Tank

    I always thought my 78 had a 12 gallon, but i always tripped out when i could more than 12 gallons when i was empty so it must be a 13 gallon. LOL... I would love a bigger gas tank that held 20 gallons tho.
  11. Just realized the purple 21 tooth one is impossible to find. :huh:
  12. Thanks! This helps a lot. I did a quick google search.. Is this the same thing? http://www.jdmlegion.com/KnowledgeBase/Engine%20and%20gearbox%20conversions/Making-a-mechanical-speedo-sender-for-the-RB25-gearbox-f0271b89-cd6e-425d-bc0a-ee62f51dfaa7 Should i just order these items? http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/21-7184 http://www.frsport.com/Nissan-32702-02G17-Genuine-OEM-Mechanical-Speedometer-Pinion-Assembly_p_32135.html but then theres this link that says purple is for 4.375 and has a totally different looking mechanical drive pinion. http://www.the510realm.c
  13. Just finished swapping a ka24e with 240sx tranny in my 620 chinook. After the exhaust is done tomorrow it will be ready to hit the streets this sunday. Quick important question... I've searched and my brain still hasn't deciphered... What do I need in order to make my speedometer work?!?! painted engine bay same color as orange stripe
  14. Anybody know a shop or someone in the LA area that could do a clean KA swap in my truck for me?
  15. Quick question... I'm going to Colorado next Monday do you think the extra high altitude will make my weber act funny? I just got a weber tune up kit and new adapter plate with gaskets. Working on the carb tomorrow. I have to check out some family land in South Park Utah which is 10k+ feet elevation. I don't think I've ever taken any car that high up.
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