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  1. My son decided to go throw a monster pothole vs around and really messed up the front end. Bent lower control are and it looks like a bent piston rod in the strut. Totally messed up. Since I am taking apart the assembly anyway and strut assemblies for 810s seem to not exist, I am going to have to resort to something else. I have searched the forum and found multiple bits of info but really have this question. If I am going to be forced to replace most of the front suspension, what is the best route? My biggest concern is the spindle assembly. I believe that I can use 77-78 280Z strut/spindle assemblies and use a adjustable lower control arm to get geometry back in shape. Ideas, recommendations?
  2. Whew, fixed and running smooth. had to pull the oilpump and shift the oil pump drive shaft but it runs smooth like butter. Engine project completed. Now its time to get the exterior cleaned, sanded, primed and repainted. Then on to the Interior. This one is done
  3. It is done, well mostly. I have posted pics on my facebook if you really want to look . The weirest thing though. I couldn't get it to ignite. The engine turned over but only occasionally backfired. I pulled the valve cover and made sure that the timing chain was perfect, which it was. I then looked at the distributor and it was exactly 180 degrees off. I pulled teh distributor to make sure I wasn't seeing things and sure enough, the distributor drive shaft was in the 11:25 position but exactly 180 degrees off. Not sure how in the heck I pulled that one but luckily and easy fix.
  4. The Valves look really clean but there was a brownish scum on 2 of the piston tops. Wiped off so it isn't baked on. Odd. Head goes into machine shop tomorrow to be shaved, cleaned, new vales, seals, etc. Whole top end getting replaced since I have it off. So tempting to just dig into everything.
  5. I did secure it but I'm pulling the entire front cover anyway. Going to replace the chain, guides and tensioner while I am at it. The front cover seasl has been weaping oil a bit too so I am replacing that as well.
  6. Breakdown time. We got the head pulled and it doesn't look horrible. I can tell I burned through a radiator full of coolant by the crap on the pistons ( possible happening slowly for awhile, but the gasket didn't look fully breached. I do know it was between the pistons and the coolant becuase the block deteror fluid turned yellow so we rebuild. No evidence of any cracks in the pistons via observation but keeping fingers crossed. Need to dismantle head and get it to machine shop. So, I can't pull images from G+ or facebook. Any suggestions?
  7. So, the goon blew the gasket between the compression and coolant, no water in the oil, and left me stranded. Got it home and am starting the breakdown so swap out the headgasket. I am replacing most everything on the upper end including the valves but would love to ditch the entire fuel injection piece of crap. The challenge is this car still needs to pass emissions in Utah sooooo...Any suggestions? I thought about a pair of SU carbs or a 6 pack. I am open to suggestions and will keep pics and updates on engine rebuild.
  8. I know this has been discussed but I have run into issues and am trying to get this solved. I purchased K&Y strut inserts for a 77 280Z and added shims to get them to fit correctly in the strut tube ( its 4 x 1 1/4" washers if you want to know). The new insert, fully extended, is 1/12 inches shorter than the original. No problem until my spring compressor couldn't squish the springs far enough to make it fit. I took it to a buddies garage to have him do it. He is having issues as well. Before we cut the coils , am I missing something? Wrong year inserts? This is causing me some issues and I do not want to sut the springs if I do not have to.
  9. SLC_810


    very slick. I have this exact same ride and am just starting on the restoration journey. Not going to slam it but I do plan on tricking it a bit. You must have added a manual transmission? Whattype/model year?
  10. SLC_810

    New 77 810 wagon.

    Dropped $129 bones for 4 new door seals. Ugh. I found a part number for a window felt replacement on another thread in the forum but it was for one of teh trucks. Is it safe to assume its the same size felts across all datsun vehicles that year? I certainly hope so. Anyone have any insight on this?
  11. SLC_810

    New 77 810 wagon.

    First big project finished. Replaced all the bushings, ball joints, idler arm, etc in the front end yesterday. Got a basic alignment on it but will need it done professionally. Makes a huge difference. Next is the rear end. Have the shocks but the leaf springs are sagging badly. Thinking of just adding a helper spring and calling it good. Looking for window felts and door seals now. The old ones are all but gone. I founf a full set from Thailand for the seals but were freaking expensive at $129. Any other ideas? Are there any other Datsun models I could tweak that are close? I'm figuring the factory kept these parts at least close to identical
  12. I have the same problem with door seals and window felts. Does the 810 share any felts or seals with any other Datsun model? Engine and bushings easy, anything else..No.
  13. SLC_810

    New 77 810 wagon.

    Thanks all. Since I have acquired it I have changed and flushed all fluids, new plug wires and plugs,A/C, lights and some minor lost interior pieces. Next is the suspension. Going to overhaul everything. I found most plus have read the posts regarding 280ZX strut inserts with spacers being able to be used. Does anyone know how much spacers, in in or mm, is needed? I am also looking at fuel injectors and mass air flow meters, or the equivalent non this car. The car is running pretty rich and I am figuring it is probably one of the two since the o2 sensor is pretty new. ANyone want to share insights on these?
  14. SLC_810

    New 77 810 wagon.

    Put links to images in the original post.
  15. SLC_810

    New 77 810 wagon.

    Thanks so much for the info.
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