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  1. Weksos

    1978 Datsun 810 Wagon

    love the car! Was nice meeting you guys at rats with dats. Maybe when I finish my truck I'll do a wagon idk yet
  2. Weksos

    78 King cab

    No plans of selling but if I do you will be the first to know
  3. Weksos

    78 King cab

    Yes it is I am getting ready to redo a couple sections of the lines. Will post photos once I get it done. Ordered a new dizzy so will be running soon!
  4. Weksos

    78 King cab

  5. Weksos

    78 King cab

    Hey sorry guys still at work when I get home I'll post pics all around. Haven't got a new dizzy yet but I think I found one for 60 at a junkyard.
  6. Weksos

    78 King cab

    Figured since I got it running I should post it. (shoutout to the guys who helped at the Rats with Dats show/campout) Grandfather ordered it new in 78 has 126k miles mostly stock.. webber carb and dash is gone (fabbed a new one will post pic) and has a bench seat out of a toyota but I'll be replacing it with buckets hopefully soon..
  7. Had a great time with everyone just got my account Goin on here I'll post pics of my dat soon.

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