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  1. All vacuum hoses are new, and carb gasket good. Vacuum seems good. These are all possibilities, except the throttle cable. It has a tiny bit of slack.
  2. I don't think so, the car was nice and warm. But maybe the choke isn't opening up enough. Is there an adjustment for that?
  3. Yesterday I was helping Tolkmod work on his car. We installed a Petronix electric ignition, and set timing. His timing was a 1 degree AFTER tdc. I set it to 10 degrees BTDC at idle. Right now his idle is about 1300, and i can't get it any lower. It looks like the idle screw isn't even toughing the throttle shaft at all. That makes me think that there may be something off inside the carb. Vacuum is good and there appears to be no leaks. Could the butterflies be installed upside down? The PO says the carb was recently rebuilt, and its pretty clean. Here a re some pics:
  4. Ill probably end up with Tolkmods B210 once he realizes how much money he is spending on it. :sneaky: I'll make sure to give him at least $500 for it though!
  5. My old man used to have that same car. Even same color. The AC didn't always work, so he would drive around with the back doors open.
  6. First off, I never called you an idiot. At least not to your face. :) My concern with the wheels is that they take Mag style lug nuts, and the studs are not centered in the bores. Not sure how hard it will be to get someone to open the lug bores a bit.
  7. Thanks! Grew up and still live in Orange County, ca.
  8. Tolkmod has a set of spring locks. He can put them on to get an idea of how low he wants it. Then we can lower the spring perches the same amount. Does this car use an upper spring seat with a bearing? And do they usually need to be replaced too?
  9. My name is Mike. I don't have a Datsun, but I will be helping my good buddy Tolkmod work on his. I have been around cars my whole life. When I was a kid my dad collected European mini cars. He had several BMW Isettas, a few Fiats, a Messerschmitt, a Riley Elf, a Gogo mobile, a DKW, and a few others that I can't remember what they are called. As for me, I have had several Volvos, including a 63 Amazon with a twin turbo 283 Chevy v8, and an 85 240 with a Toyota supercharger (screenname). I just sold a 51 Chevy car that was a full custom, and now have a 61 Chevy Panel truck thats my daily. I have done 95% of the work myself on all my cars including frame mods, body work, motor swaps, custom suspension, etc. Im exctied to help Tolkmod with his car and am looking forward to getting some great advice from you guys. Here are a few pics of what Ive had: When I was little: My Cars: Volvos: American Cars: Daily Driver: Sorry for all the pics, but I wanted to do a decent intro because I am going to be asking a bunch of questions while doing Tolkmods car. Thanks!
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