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  1. Triangle

    Alright boys, just picked up a 240z and I need some help

    Alright boys got some questions and a small update here. @dgi I sent you a pm bud So I got the parts for a 4 speed swap but before I get started on anything does anyone know if the console is the same? I've been told its different and the same by different people and my google-fu isn't that strong because I can't find an answer anywhere. Also I'll have some pics tomorrow when I pull the motor and paint it again and such.
  2. Triangle

    Alright boys, just picked up a 240z and I need some help

    Alright boys I'm back with some updates and pictures! @dgi I'm actually living in the Triad area also so it's nice to know there's another datsun fan around here somewhere. I did manage to find the numbers stamped into the body and they do match so I guess I'll just toss that 260z tag in the parts box and forget about it. So luckily I managed to find a really clean 240 that needs new floorpans and that's it for any major rust. As far as parts go I got everything I needed except the intake, carbs, and carpet. The engine and transmission were disassembled however so the engine was sitting in the bay just like the pictures and the transmission was sitting in the back but its an auto so I need to swap it to manual. I just picked up an intake, carbs, and 4 speed with all the parts needed for a swap so I'll definitely get some more pictures later this week when I start to take everything apart to swap the trans.
  3. Just bought a 240z and the title matches the tag on the passenger side of the engine bay and the tag on the drivers side of the dash(I lost it but its in the car "somewhere") but the tag in the door jamb is to a 260z and doesn't match the title but I should be good if I just take that 260z tag off and don't worry about it right? Also it's been de-badged at some point I think because I have all the badges but there aren't any holes on the body for them. Is there any way to line these emblems up again and punch new holes for them? And if anyone's local to the NC area that wants to sell me a bunch of parts I'm buying.

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