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  1. dat nasty

    521 on d21 frame

    Well I just looked at a 72 and I'm going to pick it up. It's probably nicer than my blue one. Pretty sure I'm going to put it on my 90 4x4 d21. Seeing how the other cab set on before I cut it up I think it is going to get big quick
  2. I wouldn't trade my d521 for the world, in a nutshell the frames curved up and down differently for the bed and core support mounts. Core support was close enough bolted in, 3 inch body drop got mid cab mounts close enough. Had to move rear cab perches. I had to clearance my firewall a lot for EGR, then deleted but glad that I did the clearance when it came time to change transmissions. Axle had to be moved forward I don't know how many inches. I did a four link which made me raise my bed floor almost to flatbed. I just picked up a 72 521 to put on my 4x4 D21 next
  3. dat nasty

    521 on d21 frame

    900# scrap. Like it wasn't even there
  4. dat nasty

    521 on d21 frame

    Also put back the fast idle control and auxiliary air control valve's, my alternator seems to be much happier about it and that's really the only reason I did it
  5. dat nasty

    521 on d21 frame

    my friend sent me pictures of the crew cab, I love it, mixed feelings about it though. I almost feel like at that point it should have six doors LOL. finished bagging the front, well you never really do finish, 2600 bags all round. Recessed into the frame up front. it is amazing. Both performance and fun. Redid a little wiring and put a bigger intake on, finally seeing the potential of everything, totally worth it. Next step is going to be triangulating my lower control arms to finish laying it out. I can set the front down as long as the back has the slightest bit have air in it. But completely laid out front is still 3/4" off ground due to steering binding on radius arms. Can't turn right without lifting to clear the idler arm. I could do drop spindles and be done but my clearance between wheel and Fender is less than credit card when it motions so I don't want to mess with any of that geometry
  6. dat nasty

    521 on d21 frame

    Had to put a new tranny in, wasn't that bad got it for a hundred bucks, fronted to me even, had to lift the passenger side of the cab about 9-inch to do it but it was about 9 hours of Labor, could probably cut about an hour or two off the learning curve of the process LOL. Still Loving it, been torn apart for a couple weeks while I bag my front. Mocked everything up with the suspension it full drop, ended up cutting everything out to clearance and lay the frame with a little bag to spare. I've come to the conclusion if you're just going to coil it or do it 4 by 4 the D21 frame is great. If you're going to bag it or do anything crazy just build a tube frame. I've cut so much of this Frame out. still flipping love driving it, the attention it gets is unreal
  7. dat nasty

    521 on d21 frame

    $20 made me holla
  8. dat nasty

    521 on d21 frame

    One man's hot water discharge is another man's cold air intake. Full emissions delete. The only vacuum line I left is 2 inches for the fuel prv. Even deleted fast idle control valve which I will be adding back in, just got a new one. She rips.
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