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  1. 07-31 on I5 south headed towards Stockton.
  2. Stockton Pick-n-pull 77' B210 GX. Missing engine and tranny.
  3. You are absolutely correct that the section quoted would seem to exclude obviously inert items. However, in practice they are still treated as illegal items. I haven't seen one in a surplus shop in a very long time.
  4. Just a heads up, these are illegal in California. http://www.ag.ca.gov/firearms/dwcl/12020.php
  5. Here is how you can try to get out of it if you are willing to do some legwork. Check your specific county and google for particulars first: You want to file for a trial by written declaration, have the paperwork filled out ahead of time before you go to file. You do not need to go before a judge for this, you just need to stand in line, or mail it by certified mail. You will need to pay the bail (ticket cost) at that time. 1. File Not Guilty. If the cop has you dead to rights DO NOT provide detail, just write not guilty. If you have some wiggle room look up examples other people have filed, see if there is something you can nail them with. This will make the cop have to fill out lots of extra paperwork, they hate that and will usually blow it off. If the cop does not respond you automatically win. 2. Make sure to file your paperwork at the last possible moment (this is why it is best to submit this is person). Cops are human, they forget, or lose their ticket books, secondly you can stall this out a couple of months. 3. Wait for a decision. Even if you lose in California you have the right to another trial (you have 20 days to file for a Trial De Novo) even if you lose by written declaration. You can still request traffic court at this time (make sure to do this before the trial or at the very beginning). At this time you can ask for discovery also, usually this will get ignored, if you do this by certified mail and can prove it you have grounds for dismissal. You can also file pretrial motions for dismissal. Either way you can stall the ticket out quite abit if you want to hit another insurance renewal time. The single most useful link, however I would ignore the ask for discovery first, you want the cop to completely ignore the paperwork if possible: http://www.helpigotaticket.com/declar/index.html Relevant links: http://saritsblog.blogspot.com/2008/06/how-i-beat-my-california-speeding.html http://www.expertlaw.com/forums/showthread.php?t=82529
  6. Note the dash has also been hacked up to fit that radio and the external gauges. Also looks like the dash might have some of the radio speaker cracks, but the picture is at kind of a bad angle to tell. I'm surprised we didn't get an engine shot.
  7. Did you check the pick-n-pull in Fairfield? I think they are something like $15 a pop for loose tires and $20 or so on a steel rim.
  8. If you have access to a lathe you could machine up an adapter plate. Did it for my old B110 to use the bigger shaft, I think we made it out of 1/8 inch plate, and that still gave a reasonable in and out travel on the transmission spline.
  9. I like the all white, sorta "ghostlike".
  10. It's just a touch darker than John Deere Green. I actually used knockoff tractor paint from a farm supply store for touching up the roof when I first got it, and it matched pretty decently.
  11. So after seeing the new B210 section I decided to tell the story of my sedan and to satiate you oic whores :fu: My 1974 B210 sedan, I bought it with 78k on it back in '99 after I wrecked my B110. Back then it actually had reasonably decent dark green paint, with only a little fading on the roof and hood. I then proceeded to drive the ever-loving piss out of it with a long daily commute, and I ended up rolling the odometer twice by 2002 (250k now). The car started life as an auto but I converted it to a manual in 2000, I also upgraded the rearend from a later model. I rebuilt the A13 in early 2001, but ended up dropping a valve in late 2002 and trashing the engine. I was pretty broke so I got a franken A14 made up of spare parts and some new gaskets from my Dad (my family has had several Datsun's past and present and alot of spare engines, parts etc, were kicking around in the garage). The carb is a total hackjob, but strangely runs pretty well. By 2004 I had bought another car (the benz) and the car sat outside of my craptastic apartment, I had pretty much stopped driving it except to move it once a week for street cleaning. Unfortunately, it then proceeded to get vandalized, and hit several times, including by the mailman, and a couple of hit and runs. After a couple of those nasty orange abandoned vehicle stickers, I put a coat of rattle can black on it in 2007, so it was at least all one color. Thankfully, by 2008 I was able to get a garage, and get it off the street. Since then it has been acting as the backup car, and the parts hauler. Last year I discovered Ratsun and I finally decided to fix it up, and correct alot of the broke-ass "farmer fixes" I had used previously. So far I have replaced the clutch slave cylinder, and rebuilt the master, shot a new coat of black on it, and started replacing the suspension bits (made more difficult by rockauto sending me the wrong tierods, albeit in the right part numbered boxes ). I have a long todo list to get it where I want it, this will probably get updated slowly as work is usually kicking my ass. So onto the pictures: I added the extra driving lights as I was doing alot of driving down unlit country roads. They also work well when a dumbass big 'ol pickup driver decides to tailgate and blind you with their brights :devil:. I really like tie-wraps. The 12v socket is actually one of the most useful things I added. Replacement fenders, that I will someday get around to installing. Some fun books.
  12. Are those really split side exhausts?
  13. Cool. I didn't realize till now, I have never actually seen an original Datsun key before.
  14. I used an even cheaper fix than a penny! I reused and flipped the clip that the bumpstop screws into and then readjusted the position of the switch.
  15. I had this same problem, but I forget what I ended up using. I remember it being a pretty trivial fix though, as you just need something to push on the switch when the brake pedal is in the neutral position. I will take a look tomorrow.
  16. 1969 Datsun 521 Pickup - $350 (Loomis) No engine or tranny. http://sacramento.craigslist.org/pts/1818506685.html
  17. You a local boy or a transplant to Valley Springs? I know for a fact there are a lot of nice empty windy roads out that way to throw a Datsun around on :D
  18. Weekend wrenching awaits.

  19. Damn job keeps getting in the way of working on my car.

  20. Seen on Hwy50 today. Had yellow highbeams.
  21. Rancho Cordova Pick-N-Pull Sun blasted and beat 1978 B210, with A/C.
  22. I think the passenger side mirror is on the seat, but the driver side was missing the glass. It may not be a '74, they tend to mislabel the year badly. I'm not going back too soon, its an hour drive each way for me.
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