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  1. Advan A3A wheels. Cone lugnuts, bulge, or shank? Or something else? They look like regular cone lugnuts but I was hoping someone would know definitively.

  2. Things to not do when drinking heavily; 1. go on auction sites, 2. go on gun/ammo sales sites, 3. post on facebook. Hitting the trifecta tonight folks.

    1. Dattokai
    2. Rjawm


      5) Call ex for a bootycall

  3. Well, I'm now offically unemployed for the first time in my working life.

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    2. Dguy210


      All good, knew it was going to happen. Just my contract ending. Place I worked for actually really liked me, contract was supposed to end 1.5 yrs ago but they kept getting it extended. Finally ran out of extensions. Been looking for a job for a while now.

    3. Dguy210


      Thanks for the well wishes.

    4. Angela


      I've been through that about 3x in my working life & it just plain sucks. Can mess with your head a bit too. Sounds like you were well regarded where you were so I'm guessing your talents will be appreciated elsewhere, too. Keep your chin up & hopes high. Sending good Chi & prayers your way brother. It'll all work out

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    2. dat521gatherer


      It's going for less than the recent 521 clocks.


    3. mrbigtanker


      just buy the fuckin thing. Don't think about it do it.

    4. Dguy210


      Half the fun is getting it cheap. If I pay that much it better be perfect. I also already have at least 3 1200 clocks.

  4. Someone kill the fucking spammer already!!

  5. Looks like we are going to get a Leaf. I realized that I could eliminate something like 90% of my $400 monthly gas bill. With the lease only being $200 I'll actually come out ahead (free charging at work and a 30 mile commute each way).

    1. MikeRL411


      Sometimes it all works out to your advantage.

    2. H5WAGON



      I would buy if I was in the market...(Could afford it)


    3. 67_1600


      No mileage limit? I've considered it but most leases don't allow a lot of mileage before they ding you for going over.

    1. heretic


      I never wear dress shirts BUT those cufflinks are badass

    2. Ratwagon1600


      Another goddamm Ausiie with some really cool stuff!

    3. colourbox


      I dig the tape measure but not enough to pay $68 for it. The cufflinks are pretty cool.

  6. Sort of expensive pieces, but I haven't seen some of these before:

  7. My old 521 should be arriving sometime in January, so excitied.

    1. I'm BLUE

      I'm BLUE

      lucky you,,, set her free and she came back.

    2. MicroMachinery
    3. mrbigtanker
  8. Anyone know a good car shipper? I need to ship a 521 from near Houston to Sacramento.

    1. Eagle_Adam


      willdat from the UK would be a good guy to ask.

    2. laotsu


      he ships international, not across the country.

  9. Fun run tomorrow. Lexus dropped a valve and the engine is a large aluminum paperweight and I'm drunk enough not to care. Also should be getting my 521 back from Texas. So actually happy

    1. bananahamuck


      The big decision ,,, sleep under the stars or under a canopy the second weekend in June.

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    2. j_boy_619


      I got a matchbox for sale :)

    3. Dguy210


      I actually have several matchboxes ignitions anyways. I found an Aussie selling this same distributor for 65$ +shipping (~100) whereas Bprojects wants $300. This is for a new distributor, and it is not the cheapo conversion. Except for 74 all A14 dist are electric and this is a NEW A14 dist, although chinese.

    4. Dguy210


      I was thinking about importing a bunch for resale if there was an interest as it would offset the shipping.

  10. Saw a 350Z(?) today with a "do it in a datsun" license frame. Wut?

    1. bananahamuck


      Because Datsuns gets the ladies


      Nissans gets the herpes.

    2. peanutbuttercups
  11. Frickin' alt bearing sounds a little noisy at idle. Just changed the damn thing last month too. At least it is a lifetime warranty. They don't rebuild them like they used to.

    1. Dguy210


      Add spare alt thrown on after work. Need the b to drive in tomorrow. 2hr roundtrip commute :(

  12. Hotwheels 620s are already showing up on Ebay.

    1. danfiveten


      they were out in cali when we were down there. quite a few running around.

    2. Dguy210


      Haven't seen any yet in Norcal, good to know

  13. Fucking lazy ass postman. Have tracking # and waiting for delivery today. Postguy never delivers and posts left notice at 7:47. I was home at the time, no notice, no doorbell ring. The fucker just lied so he wouldn't have to work. Now I have to go pick it up at the postoffice which is probably going to be Saturday. Not the first time either with this asshole.

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    2. Dguy210


      This is sort of an ongoing thing with this postoffice/delivery guy. I'm down there at least twice a month to pickup a package they didn't deliver. They've also lost at least 3 things I've ordered, 2 showed up later after I filed a lost package form. My oil pump did not. I don't understand it, when my old postoffice was in the ghetto I never had any problems except for money being stolen out of a holiday card once. This one in the nice area and blows chunks. I'm defini...

    3. Dguy210


      This one is in a nice area and blows chunks. I'm definitely going to file a complaint.

    4. 72240z


      I dont file a complaint because then shit gets "lost" or "damaged". Even if insured its still a pita

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