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  1. logiccreations

    Drag Wag.

    where'd you go?
  2. logiccreations

    620 uses oil

    ima try this on my 620 ill tell you guys how it works mabey have a before and after video. ps. i really hop it frees up my rings i cant afford the amount of oil i need to keep it alive!
  3. logiccreations

    1976 datsun 710 (Mia)

    i think that my engine got stolen a few months ago and that's my final and only problem. sry for being rude im just frustrated that people don't seem to get that i took it apart moved the gear put it back together and it was the problem. as for priming it i unplugged the coil and cranked the engine over to try to get the oil moving threw the pump before firing it up
  4. logiccreations

    1976 datsun 710 (Mia)

    yes i had the correct shaft never replaced it same one put back in that came out. some how the gear on it moved downward and didn't seat in the pump, and dont say "if it didn't turn the pump then it wouldn't turn the dizzy" cause thats what i thought to. after i figured it out i hammered the gear up on the shaft and it worked fine but it was to late. and yes we primed the pump but the shaft didn't turn it so...... the new engine thats going in the car till after winter has bad or no oil rings on the pistons so whats the thickest oil i can run safely without risking anything?
  5. logiccreations

    1976 datsun 710 (Mia)

    so i messed up somewhere in the rebuild and ruined the engine, as for the oil pump drive shaft i have no clue the gear on it moved and didn't drive the pump by the time i fixed this it was too late and i killed 3 sets of bearings one disappeared and so on. then i bought my 620 "lola" for $110, and with it took the engine to my fathers to have him rebuild it. all that's left is the block and when i find him he will be lucky if i don't kill him. im in school again but when i get time ima try again to rebuild the trucks engine and put it in the car. ill update when i get there.
  6. logiccreations

    Project Kaoss: Bagged and Bodied 620.

    what engine is that?... is that a ka
  7. logiccreations

    One mans 1200 quest

    oooo do mine next!
  8. logiccreations

    510 Drift car "Swamp thing" Now endure car!

    i think that thing needs to be raced with the moss still on it
  9. logiccreations

    710's unite!!!!!!!!

    we didnt hammer it into the pump we hit the top of the bar to push the spindle up, i understand that its "not possible" but that is what happend after we moved the gear it worked fine, but the damage was done. now back to my original question. put the 620 engine in the car or try to fix the rusted frame?
  10. logiccreations

    710's unite!!!!!!!!

  11. logiccreations

    710's unite!!!!!!!!

    yes i did fill the oil pump with oil before installing it, and we did have oil pressure while we monitored it. we ran the car for about twenty minutes after the rebuild and everything sounded good, then we took a break from watching it and played around outside, after a bit we heard some clacking...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gYWqyIqdeg so i took everything apart again and didn't see anything so i put it back together and it did the same thing, took it apart again and let it sit for a few days then my brother got curious put the shaft in the pump and realized it didn't seat all the way in.. so we stuck it is a vise and smacked it with a hammer and it didnt move at all so we hit it with a deadblow hammer and moved it far enough to seat properly in the pump but it was too late. in hinds sight i probably should have just rebuilt it again right then and there.
  12. logiccreations

    710's unite!!!!!!!!

    no no no no no no you misunderstand the spindle moved downward on the shaft it still turned the distributor but failed to touch the oil pump. or did but not enough to move oil... it was just a fucked up situation
  13. logiccreations

    710's unite!!!!!!!!

    so four days after a rebuild the 710 spun a connecting rod bearing and wrecked everything, i guess it was my fault i didn't know that the sprocket on the oil pump driveshaft could move. however i was lucky enough to find a 620 as backup. i think ima put the 620 engine in the 710 thoughts?
  14. logiccreations

    710's unite!!!!!!!!

    https://www.amazon.com/F1R-White-Offset-Partnumber-F05158W0/dp/B018PV4114/ref=sr_1_38?ie=UTF8&qid=1468304796&sr=8-38&keywords=4x4.5+rims will these fit on my 710? id rather ask then buy them and waste my time
  15. logiccreations

    Show us your rear end's


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