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  1. so i got it running and driving kinda again still working out the kinks with the a15, in the mean time i picked up a new daily driver
  2. Just coolant i caught all the oil in a bucket, and yes
  3. okay been busy, the a14 lost compression in cylinder 4 and on the way to work then next day smashed all its plugs 😞... sucks but coulda been avoided if id just walked. with that said the a15 is in the process of being put into it just need the pilot bushing? that little brass piece for the trans to sit in and a few gaskets. are there any trusty re-ring/gasket kits for the a14s and a15s i have a feeling the 15 wont last very long theres a bit of metal in the pan but it ran fine in the wagon.
  4. okay got the 79 210 wagon back home safe and sound and have just been driving it and messing with it for the past few days. it does seem quicker than the 5 speed but not faster in the long run.
  5. yaaaa thats a $1200 system i have money but damn thats alot for a system i could potentially build for alot less. love the idea tho maybe a tbi system off of a different car could be modified to work? like a s10 blazers tbi from the 2.8 or something like that. although im feeling like it might just be easiest to make the a carb boost ready and run it until i map out a solid plan for a more modern fuel system
  6. okay as for the efi system would it be possible to use a single injector in the intake kinda like a tbi? or would it just be better to build an intake for 4 injectors.
  7. Maybe its a 310 wagon then i checked the block stamp to make sure it was a a15 and i need a new pilot bushing got it! Oh and its a 5 speed
  8. okay ima be picking up a b210 wagon with the a15 but its an auto will my a14 flywheel bolt on to the a15 or will i need a new flywheel and clutch assembly?
  9. okay so iv been doing abit of research and i think id like to convert it to efi first then later down the road turbo it for shits and giggles... that is assuming i dont mess it up
  10. also i managed to kill the clutch a week ago while going through a mud pit so i had to buy a new one and install it, i had some troubles but datzenmike helped me out and we got it working smoothly again while i had the engine out i had the chance to look over everything and remove the smog pump plus ac pump now it is actually pretty quick even with them tires.
  11. ok for a na build all that sounds great and as a spare engine build its pretty cheap. that being said i do wanna put a turbo or supercharger on it and see how it all works and what not.
  12. cost isnt a problem for me i dont have any real bills and this datsun is for experimenting on any how rather learn something new and get all the help i can before just saying ah fuck it a swap is faster
  13. so im okay with it being not all that fast tbh and in my experience it has plenty of power to get through the mud and such (made it farther than a 2015 jeep compass) id just like to build the a14 as far as i can before i consider an engine swap
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