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  1. Hi Distributorguy!

    I sent this to Stoffregen Motorsport:


    "Hi Stoffregen Motors!  Big Fan of your advice and I had a question,  after reading some of your posts.  I am building a 1979 l20b in a 620.  I have a genuine weber carb to put on it.  I am/have de-smogging everything.  I looked at my stock electronic distributor and it is corroded dirty ugly and the ring under the magnets it is broken.  I resigned myself to buying a new distributor.  Can't find em anywhere!  I called California Datsun and they said they were on national backorder.  So my question is, what should i do about the distributor, and any advice to get the most out of my weber carb upgrade?  Thanks!! "


    This was his reply, " 

     wouldn't mess around with a rebuilt or new distributor. I would give a call to one of the Datsun engine guys (Rebello, Ermish, etc) and see if they have anything they can sell you. Or, have Jeff Schlemmer rebuild the one you have. He goes by jschlemmer here on Ratsun and has that blue 620 land speed racing truck.


    It would be better to rebuild an OEM unit than it would be to use some Chinese pile of crap.


    Good luck."


    HELP!!!! LOL!!!

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