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    Boring oregon
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    1971 datsun 510 2 door, 1985 toyota 4 runner
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  1. Looking great Chris, can't wait to get the car back home and start the engine install!
  2. Be careful with this guy. He is a serious troll nut job. I thought maybe he left a out of his add or maybe the car was just a junker with an optimistic owner. Anyway I text him asking for pics and he proceeded to tell me to go "f" my mother and that I'm a cheep freeloading maggot, and to stop freeloading, buy my kids something nice and that I was an obamacare having "f" . He has been harassing me all day talking about his guns and pistol whipping people. I told him he sounds like the mass murderer type and he responded saying I was correct. Just a troll hopefully but why go to these lengths ju
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