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  1. Akujin


    Lol see what I mean! I'll probably make my own windshield out of some hard plastic like one of my side windows lol. Hey it trick's the cops and keeps water out! Works for me.
  2. Akujin


    Well that's pretty awesome. It's a 1978 B210 2 door Hatchback. Love the mileage it gets and kind of want to look into converting it into a hybrid lol
  3. Akujin


    I seem to be having trouble finding a replacement windshield for my Datsun. Everyone I called can't seem to get a hold of one. I bought a new one about 2 years ago and it got a small chip... I let it go and it grew to cover the whole glass. It's on the passenger side so no cops have pulled me over I guess. But still I don't want to drive with anyone else due to the dangers. Any places online that sell windshields for older vehicles?
  4. Akujin

    Datsun b210 gauges.

    Well i got my soldering gun and i'm still not quite sure where it goes. As I examined it i found a wire protruding from a spot where one of the black wires were connected. I stripped the white wire and it seems to be the same size but i'm not sure if it's the black wires wire or the white one. The white wire barely reaches this spot. The other spot i feel it goes is were the other black wire is connected. The white wire is bent as if that's where it goes... but it could have been bent by someone or something. So i'm not sure where to place the wire ... You could see the wire i found protruding on the second image. It's very faint and blends in with the light grey metal in the back. Very easy to miss. It also shows on the third picture. In the background of the white wire, right where it bends there's a small wire passing horizontally in the background.
  5. Akujin

    Datsun b210 gauges.

    the spot where the black wire ends? oh that's going to be impossible... well time to buy a soldering gun
  6. Akujin

    Datsun b210 gauges.

    Well i dont have emory paper but i do have jewelers polishing cloth. it's a 12,000 grit... not sure if it's doing anything it seems too fine of a grit. Do you have a grit recommendation? oh nevermind, it left a silvery residue and it's now shiny... maybe i should keep going a bit more I see another problem with my temp gauge, the white wire seems to be broken and is just hanging about at one end.
  7. Akujin

    Datsun b210 gauges.

    I'll have to try this tomorrow. My temp gauge has been broken for the longest time. Maybe as long as the fuel gauge. I'll have to have the voltage regulator examined and the fuse.
  8. Akujin

    Datsun b210 gauges.

    yeah that thing, the sending unit. Tried to order a few long ago but i could never find a replacement. We did some micky mouse stuff to it and it worked for a while but then failed again. No i don't have a manual. Seeing as how it's so hard to replace the sending unit i figured then just replace the whole system and make it easier... more costly sure but easier... is that possible?
  9. Akujin

    Datsun b210 gauges.

    Just wondering if it's possible to remove the dashboard and give it a brand new set of gauges ahead of its time or at least something newer than what it has. A different look with newer parts. Another question is... My fuel gauge has stopped working and it's difficult to find an original replacement fuel pump. Can i change the tank to a newer model or just micky mouse it as some would say. Would a different fuel pump and gauge fit i have no idea how it works... sadly.
  10. I might just pay under the table to get it to pass smog check if i can't fix it... it'll just be a bit pricey... but then i'll have a year to work on the problem I mean it's running great, perfectly. Runs on the freeway, i would take it to work daily about 30 miles a day. Never had a problem with it, it just wont pass the damn smog check.
  11. Well from what i can see it is on the left side. The round thing has 2 exits with 2 hoses attached. You can vaguely see the second hose in the picture going upwards. The other hose is going towards the camera. Looks like a Nut from a Bolt
  12. ah so it actually IS misrouted? Smog papers said the e.g.r. was misrouted
  13. yeah that's why i'm saying someone placed a plug in there on purpose but for what reason i don't know. That's what i would like to find out and its a 78. The black circle in the picture is where i pulled it out from to reveal a small metal cylinder lodged in.
  14. Here you go. See i thought there was corck inside but it turned out to be an actual piece of metal lodged in there. It's solid and hard to get out. Not sure why this was done or what it would do if removed... but that's the piece that's the problem. Not sure what it is... but if i was reading the diagram from the previous post correctly... looks like the tube comming out of the distributor into the intake manifold... but i could be wrong.
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