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  1. On 8/4/2020 at 2:28 AM, hobospyder said:

    I'll see about getting them dug out

    Thanks Hobo! Hope to see you sometime soon. 

    Say, I saw a link on here for a cheap carb rebuilt kit... now I can't find it for the life of me... help? Anyone got a link to a cheap carb kit? I need to give mine an enema. It'll be the first time I've really gone deep in a carb, too, so here we go (que the circus music). 


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  2. 1 hour ago, DanielC said:

    Before pulling the gas tank, clean the exposed thread on the bolts as best you can, and then put penetrating oil on them.

    I have found used AFT and acetone in a  50/50 mix makes a really good penetrating oil.

    I've got some Kroil... 

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  3. Well it appears my fuel filter is full of silt. Shit. Looks like I'm puling a tank soon, and cleaning out a carb? Oy.


    Couldn't find a vacuum leak, but I'll keep looking. Gonna go through a whole can of carb cleaner to find it! 😄 LOL


    But man I love working on this truck. I used to be into old VWs, but this whole "not-crawling-around-on-your-back and hunched-over-to-work-on-it" thing is nicer on my 52-year old spine.

  4. Trying to fix my idle issue. It started happening suddenly. Idles down until it dies. Gotta keep the choke on. 
    gotta be a vacuum leak? Only thing I could find so far was this nipple that had nothing on it. Figured a hose or cap cane off, so I stuck a rubber eye dropper bulb on it with a yellow zip tie, but it didn’t help. What is that and where should it connect to?  I don’t see an obvious place where it would route to. Looks like the lines go back to the tank, maybe it’s for vapor? 


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  5. 10 hours ago, datzenmike said:

    Should be a 6:00 14 X 6 ply. Six ply are incredibly stiff sidewalls but intended for heavy loads. Terrible ride though. It probably has LT or passenger tires on it now to soften it.


    No red rims. Get a set of the stock chrome dog dishes and call it more than good.


    I had a 5 year old '71 back in the day.

    I’m shocked it’s still holding air! 😄 and yeah the rest of the tires are newer. Safety++ etc.

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  6. Oh, I did one slight mod. The gearshift knob needs repaired badly, so I removed it to work on it. Then I put on a “souvenir” my dad brought back from Vietnam when I was a baby. Threads are a *perfect* fit. Wild.


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  7. The roof rack is a period-correct Sears ski rack. Strangely, it is precisely the same kind I had on my ‘69. Picked it up from the person who bought it from Sears in the early 70’s, in the original box, with the instructions and key. 



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  8. Picked up a ‘71 521, similar to the ‘69 I sold a few years ago. It’s rougher, but more original. I’m barely going to do anything to it, aside from adding some “MoarLo” and painting the rims red. Oh, and keeping it running. I just want to drive the shit out if it.


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