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  1. Thanks Hobo! Hope to see you sometime soon. Say, I saw a link on here for a cheap carb rebuilt kit... now I can't find it for the life of me... help? Anyone got a link to a cheap carb kit? I need to give mine an enema. It'll be the first time I've really gone deep in a carb, too, so here we go (que the circus music).
  2. I have the same access cover for my 521... and it looks like it could fit a 6-pack and some ice packs, soooooooo.... hinge it and have a secret beer cooler maybe??
  3. I've got some Kroil...
  4. Oh yeah? I’d like a spare set!
  5. Wow! Thanks guys! I have work ahead of me. Awesome!
  6. There’s nothing under it but a couple grommeted holes. Maybe I can do something cool with that space... hmmm
  7. ...and what is this part for? And what is it called. And why do I want to keep it? And should I use it to hide contraband.
  8. Well it appears my fuel filter is full of silt. Shit. Looks like I'm puling a tank soon, and cleaning out a carb? Oy. Couldn't find a vacuum leak, but I'll keep looking. Gonna go through a whole can of carb cleaner to find it! 😄 LOL But man I love working on this truck. I used to be into old VWs, but this whole "not-crawling-around-on-your-back and hunched-over-to-work-on-it" thing is nicer on my 52-year old spine.
  9. Trying to fix my idle issue. It started happening suddenly. Idles down until it dies. Gotta keep the choke on. gotta be a vacuum leak? Only thing I could find so far was this nipple that had nothing on it. Figured a hose or cap cane off, so I stuck a rubber eye dropper bulb on it with a yellow zip tie, but it didn’t help. What is that and where should it connect to? I don’t see an obvious place where it would route to. Looks like the lines go back to the tank, maybe it’s for vapor?
  10. Time Left: 5 days and 6 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Two older hubcaps and one that looks like it might have come off a roadster? Big huge ugly bumper that is extremely well-made. It has one ball. I'm not going to need these and would like to send them to a loving home. A little lunch money is cool, but I'd really rather trade for stuff. It's more fun. Got anything cool for my '71 521? Not lookin' for a lot. I'm in Edmonds, WA. Thanks


    Edmonds - US

  11. Maybe I could sell the air to some hardcore JDM guys... "For sale: original factory spare tie air!" The guys who put Japanese cigarette butts in the ashtray will probably bite... ;D
  12. Thanks! I dig it a lot. Blast to drive.
  13. I’m shocked it’s still holding air! 😄 and yeah the rest of the tires are newer. Safety++ etc.
  14. That, and it irritates people. ;D
  15. Time Left: 1 day and 7 hours

    • USED

    Pulled this beast off my ‘71 521, and almost crushed my legs. It’s got a tow ball, which is one of two of its redeeming features. The other is, nobody will come near your truck. It’s aggressively sturdy and will probably make you bleed if you merely bump into it. But it’ll fit, and it’ll keep assholes away, so there ya go. I’d like to trade it for something, but I’d take some lunch money. I need a good floor jack and stands, could use some floor mats or a shitty carpet kit. And I could really use a set of 3” lowering blocks (with U-bolts). Or fix my damn vacuum leak! Fucker won’t idle now... grrr Anyway, if you wanna give your truck that “stay the hell back, I’m all ‘Fury Road’ up in here” look, this is the bumper you want.


    Edmonds, Washington - US

  16. One more thing: I pulled the spare out, and it looks like it’s been there 50 years. Took photos before hosing it off. Still holding air!
  17. Oh, I did one slight mod. The gearshift knob needs repaired badly, so I removed it to work on it. Then I put on a “souvenir” my dad brought back from Vietnam when I was a baby. Threads are a *perfect* fit. Wild.
  18. The roof rack is a period-correct Sears ski rack. Strangely, it is precisely the same kind I had on my ‘69. Picked it up from the person who bought it from Sears in the early 70’s, in the original box, with the instructions and key.
  19. Picked up a ‘71 521, similar to the ‘69 I sold a few years ago. It’s rougher, but more original. I’m barely going to do anything to it, aside from adding some “MoarLo” and painting the rims red. Oh, and keeping it running. I just want to drive the shit out if it.
  20. http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/5602945674.html 1969 521 ... perfect... :bye:
  21. If you want to download the video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3h9xEGKMOztVWhFTTVoVVFIRW8/view?usp=sharing YouTube link (works better): https://youtu.be/kwtmEptmJ78
  22. How about I yabbadabbadon't. :D dang I need to get her back on the road....
  23. Aw man, brakes are toast on my truck or is be there
  24. I wonder if this would work? Same part number, but without the hyphen... http://store.intellaliftparts.com/p/4021132200/nissan-4021132200-bearing-cup-and-cone.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cse&gclid=CjwKEAjwsMu5BRD7t57R1P2HwBgSJABrtj-RUn8ejYBrksfAXICP5nqdTO7DCA-c7ckiF0tjs3HUrhoCC5jw_wcB
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