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  1. SmykPLT

    1970 Roadster Resto: Red to White

    Can you please explain what condition your fuel tank was in, and how you did you improved it? Thanks, Keith
  2. SmykPLT

    1969 2000 fuel tank?

    Whew! I should be seeing the guy in the next two days to discuss price. I have located a temporary storage space. My Bugeye project has to become a roller again before I can make room at home. So, now I am just to the point of a fair offer situation. Thanks for the confidence booster on parts availability. Keith in Kansas
  3. SmykPLT

    1969 2000 fuel tank?

    Thanks all. Struggling, elder parent. I will have to get back to the guy next week. i will post again if I get the car.
  4. SmykPLT

    1969 2000 fuel tank?

    KR, Could you list options on the electric fuel pump and links? Thanks, Keith
  5. SmykPLT

    1969 2000 fuel tank?

    Hi, I am new here. I have a lead on a local, 1969 Datsun 2000. It has not run for a couple of years. It had fuel problems, quitting intermittently. The guy says it had been checked twice by a mechanic, including pulling the tank and checking for fuel pump operation. Are fuel tanks available as a new replacement part? What other items would I need to purchase? If the pump works but fails occasionally, does that mean the lobe on the engine that drives it is bad? I am very interested in purchasing this car, I just can't figure out why a search for fuel tanks doesn't work for me? Thanks

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