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  1. thanks Lockleaf.. I thought I added pictures but they did not work apparently. It's a 78' 280z . these things are on the side of the box that the 2 fusible links a mounted to (facing the battery) . I'll try and post the pics again...
  2. Hi , I'm trying to clean up my wiring , and wondering if anyone knows what these are called , or if they are available new anywhere new still? ALSO - wondering why the previous owner has the 2 white wires joined together (with electrical tape wrapped around them, in pic 2) .. Looks sketchy. Any insight would be great -- thanks
  3. Good point Stoffregen... Also , I was still curious... is the TPS the Throttle Position Switch or Throttle Position Sensor , or are they the same thing ?
  4. UPDATE --- OK.. Good News. I replaced the spark plugs and wires and it's running like new again. Simple fix, but a WORLD of difference. I'm still surprised that the mechanic didn't go for this right off the bat and instead suggested other issues , and even tried to say it was 'fine' after having it for 10+ days sitting at the shop. He's a mechanic, he should know these types of things right away I'd think. Now I know , thanks to all of you kind folks. Thanks everyone.
  5. Oh really. Why , because they convert to the belt bumpers ? Thanks , I'll keep an eye out
  6. I got rear ended yesterday by a dude on a Harley. Guy was insured luckily. But, wondering how hard the insurance company is going to try to low-ball me on repair since it's a 1978 with high mileage. Any suggestions on where to get a rear bumper ?
  7. ..but come to think if it , could it be that the points are worn out in the distributer ?
  8. Yep , I thought of that forst , because I noticed he had a couple of them off once when I was there. I double checked them. Then checked them again when I replaced the wires the other day
  9. Thank you all. I'll investigate. Mike , I'll inspect plugs and do them and see what happens. When I say 'sloppy' I mean , sounds like timing is off , or misfiring (no back fireing).. sounds like a muscle car with rough idol , not like the usual L28 sound. thanks everyone
  10. Hi , I had to go to a new mechanic to help my '78 280z pass smog in early June. They tweaked the AFM and took it to 'their guy' for me and got it to pass. BUT , the car has not driven the same ever since. The car would start up in the mornings (warm weather , Los Angeles) and run a bit sloppy (misfiring , stumbling , but no back-firing though ) . Then warm up and be fine for the most part , but I felt like I had a little bit less power. I took it back to them a week later and asked them to look at it and left it with them while I was out of town for a few days. They said there was nothing wrong with it. This is because they were just starting it in the morning and listening to the engine , but not driving it. The engine sounds fine and not sloppy when in neutral, even when I gas the throttle. The sloppiness only occurs when I shift into a gear/under load. I insisted he drive it around with me in the passenger seat. He did and finally understood what I meant. Then he adjusted the AFM again and again checked the timing , thinking that would fix it. It did not. I took the car home. Over the next couple days the sloppiness got even worse , but it is intermittent (sometimes when I gas it, it snaps into order and feels like the old car I use to know, but then the sloppiness comes back momentarily). It started sounding like a motorcycle. I called him back. He then said is was the fuel injector wire connections that were bad and corroded , and I should come back and have him do them (or do them myself). I got all new fuel injectors last year, so those can't be the problem. I also listened to each fuel injector with a screwdriver and they were all ticking and working, so the electrical connections are not the culprit , unless they somehow cut-out as I'm driving rather than just parked with the engine running. I just replaced my spark plug wires with new nice ones. This seemed to help a little bit. I still need new spark plugs but I don't think that is my issue ultimately. I replaced the fuel pressure regulator last year, and the fuel pump about 2 years ago. Any ideas on what the heck could be the problem here ? Could this be a vacuum leak ? Any input would be appreciated - thank you
  11. thanks Datzenmike . Yes , for a '78 280Z. I'll look around. thanks for the parts numbers
  12. Thanks , well the mechanic who was going to so some front end work said the there was something wrong with it. He said it isn't tight (like the hole is too big or boared out or something). He recomended I find the part before he does the other work so he can do it all at once. Does anyone know if the part is manufactured still ? Might try posting in the classified section to try and find an old/used one. thanks everyone
  13. Oh sorry I thought I embedded a picture .. it didn't work it appears . Here it is as a link http://www.mediafire.com/view/5gf261e34id5b53/_IMG_0312.JPG
  14. Does anyone know what this piece is called or where you can get it ? (the view is from laying on my back under the front bumper looking up) . much thanks
  15. thanks Clark , yea I don't want to do it myself , I don't have much time to mess with it
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